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How to choose a Lucky number for your Car


How to select the right vehicle (Car, Bike, SUV) number that may prove lucky for you, using Name Vibrations.


We work really hard to create a Niche for ourselves, we aim to get the best house, the best Car/Super Bike, SUV etc. And, not only this, we also want our House to support us in growth, that is why we ensure house is Vastu friendly, purchased at the right time, moved inside the house at the most opportune time (Shubh Muhurat), arrangements of the rooms inside the house and the furniture arrangement are as per Vastu / Feng Shui.

Similarly, we want our Car/Bike to be lucky for us, and we use numerology to find a number which matches with our Birth/Psychic number or Destiny/Life Path number, and we added a new dimension of using our Lucky number to get a favorable vehicle number.

Now we are offering our Name Vibrations services for you to select the strong number for your vehicle.


What do we do?

Earlier, we had an option to get a list of numbers from the Car/Bike dealer and we could choose the number which would suit us the most (as per our own knowledge or using an expert advice)

This option is not available at all the RTOs, however, few still offer to choose a number after paying a fee. And at few RTOs it is not possible to get a desired number, RTO would issue a number automatically.

If you are able to get the list of vehicle numbers to choose from, then we provide you the Vibrational strength of your new vehicle number, or the second hand vehicle number you intend to purchase.



How we do it?

First, thing we need is the birth details (real date, time & place) of the person who would be the owner of the vehicle. Then we calculate the Birth number, Destiny number & Lucky number of the person using his/her birth details.

After that evaluation is done, we try to find the vehicle number which is the most complimentary to the either Birth number, Destiny number or Lucky number, or two of them, or at times it matches with all three.

Finding best Vehicle again involves,

  1. Calculating the complete total number of the Vehicle
  2. Calculating only the number (numeric value) total
  3. Ascertaining, the Vibrational strength of the number (numeric value)

Below is how we show the complete calculation, including Number’s Vibrations Strength. Core is that we need a number which matches with our Birth number, Destiny number or the best Lucky number and should have a strong Vibrational Strength


Number’s Vibrations Strength Chart


Vehicle Number Complete Total Number Number Total Number Strength
DL 9C AS    6291 (DL 9C AS 6291) = 5 6291 9 393.19
MH 3C BH 4325 (MH 3C BH 4325) = 9 4325 5 270.31
BL 1C A      2369 (BL 1C A 2369) = 3 2369 2 296.13
TN 3S SN   0033 (TN 3S SN 0033) = 2 0033 6 264.00

About the Author

Dinesh Atrish is a celebrity international Name Vibrations Specialist / Astrologer / Vastu consultant / Feng Shui practitioner. Trains Stock Market Traders on Financial Astrology & Technical Analysis.

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