Understand The Basics Of Various Feng Shui Schools


Different Schools of Thought in Feng Shui

  1. Form School of Thought
    1. Black Turtle (North)
    2. Green Dragon (East)
    3. Red Phoenix (South)
    4. White Tiger (West)
  2. Compass School of Thought
    1. Yin/Yang Theory
    2. 5 Elements
    3. Lo Shu Grid
    4. Flying Star Feng Shui
    5. Kua Theory (8 Mansion / East-West group)
  3. Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhism
    aThey don’t use a compass; they use Bagua
    b. They rely heavily on intuition


Form School Of Thought

The Form School of thought wisdom is an especially visual form of practice based on the Form, or Landscape. This school focuses on the topographic features of the land on which your home situated and is surrounded.

They find great meaning in the relationships between the positions of each area of your home and the land. The Form Feng Shui School examines the shapes and symbolism in one’s environment without referring to the compass directions.

Great emphasis is placed on animal symbolism. Physical surroundings arrangements are named after the four celestial animals, viz. Dragon or Tiger hills, Turtle Mountains and phoenix.

For them left side of the house (facing inside) belongs to Green Dragon, right side belongs to White Tiger, back side to Black Turtle and front door belongs to Red Phoenix.

Also the five elements of Feng Shui, fire, water, metal, earth, and wood, also play an important role.  They don’t use compass directions.


Compass School Of Thought

As the name suggest they use compass, the Lo Shu square, various Feng Shui calculations and the Bagua.

Schools such as the Flying Star (for calculating auspicious and not very auspicious timing for various activities, as well as to define specific spots with more beneficial energy) and the Eight Mansions (East/West or Lucky or Unlucky Directions concept), Four Pillars of Destiny and others are included in the category of compass schools.

The Eight Mansions School of feng shui introduced the Kua number concept to calculate the lucky directions or the most auspicious energies based on a client’s date of birth. Each person is considered to have four lucky directions and four unlucky ones.

The concept of lucky directions is very popular in feng shui and is used for the best positioning of one’s desk and bed. A house with a lucky front door – meaning a front door that faces one of the four lucky directions – is also much-sought-after when buying a home.

The name of the Eight Mansions feng shui school basically stands for the eight directions of the Bagua:

  1. North
  2. North East
  3. East
  4. South East
  5. South
  6. South West
  7. West
  8. North West

Many calculations of the Eight Mansions school of feng shui are aimed at defining the compatibility between the energy of the house and the people who live there.

Black Hat Tantric Buddhism (BTB)

Black Sect Feng Shui contains traditional Feng Shui knowledge, mixed with the Intangible dimension concerns, having to do with what we can’t see, and emphasizes the Three Secret Reinforcements (Body, Mind, & Speech)

They basically use their body as a tool, “if it feels right, it probably is”, based on the tenet that CHI/Qi (energy) flows freely and if it stagnates, it stales.

Their focus is to identify the Chi/Energy blockages and correct it.

The Black Hat School of feng shui relies much more on INTUITION than precise measurements and placements. They incorporate the Buddhist practice of Zen meditation and believe energy should flow like water.

For them extreme left of the entrance is the Wealth area and extreme right of the entrance is Relationship area (This is irrespective of the entry direction). They place Bagua on the property and define the areas according to that.

How Three Secret Reinforcement is done?

The combined power of Body-Mind-Speech is invoked while placing a Feng Shui cure.

Though it sounds really mysterious, however, we often try something similar subconsciously when focusing on something really important.


SECRET #1: Your Body

When placing any feng shui cure, be it a crystal or a flower vase, a BTB feng shui practitioner will reinforce the power of the cure by performing a specific hand gesture, or mudra. We can use a Mudra which shows our intent of dissipating the negative energy.

SECRET #2: Your Mind

Focusing your mind on the clear intent of your work is obviously beneficial. While practicing BTB feng shui, we clearly visualize our desired goals and outcomes when placing a specific feng shui cure in a home or office.

For example, if you are activating your career & money area, you will spend some time clearly visualizing the money energy you want to attract in your life via a successful career.

SECRET #3: Your Speech

BTB School of feng shui uses a variety of mantras, these are not specific feng shui mantras, but rather well-known Buddhist mantras.

We can use our mantras or chanting or we can say what we want to achieve using the cure.

In case of placing a feng shui cure, the Six True Words Mantra is used 9 times: Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum, This is a very well-known mantra, or prayer, with complex meaning, loosely translated as I Bow to the Jewel of the Lotus.

Usually, all these reinforcements are done 9 times or for 9 minutes (9 is considered to be the most auspicious number). However, there is no rigidity to this.

Stay flexible, stay open, keep exploring, and accept only the knowledge that feels right to you.

About The Consultant

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