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Instantly Calculate your Name Number, Birth Number, Phone or Mobile Number, and Vehicle Number and discover the numbers which are friendly to your Name Number, Birth Number, and Destiny Number.

We have used both Chaldean and Pythagorean values of the alphabets to ensure better results while calculating Name Number and Car Number.

Numeros is Number, and Logos is Study in Latin. So, Numerology is ‘Study of Numbers

Numerology is the study of the relationship between numbers and life. There is two popular numerology system, Chaldean and Pythagorean. Chaldean System is more commonly used than Pythagorean. With numerology systems, we can decipher a person’s personality and plan his future or career.

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Chaldean & Pythagorean Numerology Calculator

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How to check the Results?

Once Numerology Calculator has completed the calculations go to the  Relationship of Numbers table and match the values of your Name, DOB, Mobile Number & Car Number.

We need to give emphasis to our Date of Birth as this is what has been handed over to us by the cosmos. So, other things should match your Date of Birth.

Even if all the values Name, Mobile Number, and Car Number are friendly to each other, but they are inimical to the DOB then they are not going to do any good to you.

Name Numerology Calculator

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Mutual Relationship of Numbers (Friendship or Enmity Chart)


Number Friendly Enemy  Neutral
1 2, 3, 9 4, 6, 8 5
2 1, 3 5, 4 6, 8, 9
3 1, 2, 9 5, 6 8, 4
4 5, 6, 8 1, 2, 9 3
5 1, 4, 6 2 9, 3, 8
6 4, 5, 8 1, 2 3, 9
7 8, 6, 5 1, 2, 9 3
8 4, 5, 6 1, 2, 9 3
9 1, 2, 3 5, 4 6, 8

What is the basis of the Chaldean Numerology Calculator?

Origin & History of Chaldean Numerology

The oldest (BC 3500) system of Chaldean Numerology has originated from Chaldea. Chaldea was located in Southern Mesopotamia and it is the origin of occidental culture. Chaldean Numerology system is the most precise and ancient method of numerical calculation that is based on the alphabet derived from the Indian Vedic numeral system.

Chaldean System takes the vibrations of the letters and converts them into numbers. Chaldean Numerology doesn’t convert any letter into number 9, as they believed 9 is too sacred to be included in this system. Calculations by Chaldean Numerology System are known as occult or mystery.

Chaldean name numerology uses the popular or most known name to evaluate and predict the name numbers.

Numerical Value of Letters in Chaldean Numerology

AIJQY = 1, BKR = 2, CGLS = 3, DMT = 4, EHNX = 5, UVW = 6, OZ = 7, FP = 8

What is the basis of the Pythagorean Numerology Calculator?

Origin & History of Pythagorean Numerology

Numerology, the study of the mystical relationship between a number and life, has many systems, traditions, and beliefs. It was popular among early mathematicians, and one of them was Pythagoras. Nowadays, it is no longer considered part of mathematics, but of pseudomathematics.

Pythagoras was born in Samos Island and lived from B.C. 569 to B.C. 497. He was one of the most popular mathematicians in the world. Also, he was the founder of a cult and the origin of mathematical occultism.

Pythagorean System used from about B.C. 600. Commonly used for numerology name number calculation nowadays. Pythagorean System is easier to use than Chaldean System. The Pythagorean system has allotted letters values from 1-9 in alphabetical order.

In the Pythagorean Numerology system, a name can have various meanings.

First, the name number is a combination of all the letters in a name. It is called destiny or expression number. The second number is a soul urge or heart desire, which is arrived at by adding the values of all the vowels in a name, and the third number is called a dream or personality number which is calculated from consonants in a name.

Numerical Value of letters in Pythagorean Numerology

AJS = 1, BKT = 2, CLU = 3, DMV = 4, ENW = 5, FOX = 6, GPY = 7, HQZ = 8, IR = 9

Difference between Chaldean Numerology and Pythagorean Numerology

Though, both systems are used by Numerologists worldwide. However, there are few major differences between the Chaldean and Pythagorean systems.

1. Chaldean is older (5000 years old), a more precise and widely used system. Whereas Pythagorean Numerology came into practice in 600 BC.
2. The Chaldean Numerology has not assigned any letters to the number 9, as they believed number 9 to be sacred. However, the Pythagorean Numerology has letters that are associated with 9.
3. The Chaldean system uses vibrations corresponding to letters and assigns them numbers accordingly. The Pythagorean system simply assigns the numbers in sequence so A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on.
4. Chaldean name numerology uses the popular or most known name to evaluate and predict the name numbers. Whereas the Pythagorean numerology puts more emphasis on the birth or legal name to predict or evaluate the numerology forecast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate Numerology Name Numbers?

Use our Numerology Calculator to calculate your Numerology Name Numbers. Enter your Name/Full Name and click on submit. After calculations, our online tool will provide you with the total numerical values of your name numbers.

Is it a Chaldean Numerology Calculator or Pythagorean Numerology Calculator?

It is both the Chaldean Numerology Calculator and Pythagorean Numerology Calculator. We have incorporated both the systems in it and when you evaluate our name it will give you both Chaldean & Pythagorean values of your name or car/vehicle number.

What is a Birth Number?

Birth number is the total of the day’s value of your Date of Birth (reduced to a single digit). For example, if you are born on the 3rd of any month then your birth number would simply 3.

However, if you are born on the 18th of any month then your birth number would be 1+8 = 9 (reduced to a single digit).

This is the number which personifies you in your eyes. In other words, this is what you think you are. 

What is Destiny Number in Numerology?

According to Chaldean Numerology, the total of your birth date (includes your date, month, and year) is your destiny number. For example, if someone is born on 03/09/1977 then his/her destiny number would be 03+09+1977 =3 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 7 +7 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9 (reduced to single digit).

As per Pythagorean Numerology, the main name numeral is known as destiny or expression number. This is the digit that describes who you are and what you are or what you become. This is referred to as destiny and your life’s purpose. This is the sum of all names and numbers of letters.

Destiny Number is what others perceives us. So, it is what others think of us. 

How to Calculate Destiny Number?

Our Numerology Calculator also acts as a Destiny Number Calculator.  Enter your complete Date of Birth in the DOB field and click on submit. It will calculate and show you your destiny number.

As the Chaldean Numerology is more reliable we only provide the Destiny Number according to that.

How does Numerology help?

Numerology can help us in finding Name Numbers, Business Name Numbers, Business Partner Compatibility, and Love Partners that are favourable to us.

Is there something better than Numerology?

Numerology has a limitation, if you have 10 names with the same numbers, numerology may not be able to tell you which one is the best.

However, there is an advanced system that can evaluate the strength of a name, and it is known as Name Vibrations. It can tell you from all the names you are planning to use which one is the strongest. Name Vibrations can help us in evaluating the frequency of any Individual Name, Baby Name, Vehicle Number, or Business Name.

If you want to give a head start to your career, business, or looking for a strong name for your Baby then Name Vibrations is for you.

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