How to speed up your daughter’s Marriage?

A marriageable daughter/Sister becomes a great concern for Family is she is not getting good matches. May you need to do little bit more than what you are doing right now. You may not believe, bad Feng Shui of her room or your house might be delaying her marriage.

Note: One very important thing which we need to learn is that, we not only need a match for our Girl we need to ensure that match is good and bond lasts.

Few things which might help you in speeding up your search for a good match for your Daughter/Sister.


Follow the steps
  1. Ensure she is not occupying a room in the South West area/zone of the house.
  2. Move her to  North West area/zone in the house.
  3. Activate her Love Luck first then Marriage Luck (Using Kua Number)


Determine your Chinese year of birth.
Add the last two digits together and reduce it to a single digit number.

Add 5 to it and reduce it to single digit to get your personal Kua Number.

Example year of birth 1996.

(Add the last 2 digits of the Year of Birth) 

9 + 6 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6    

Add 5 to the above total

6 + 5  = 11 = 1+1 = 2  

So, women born in 1996 will have Kua Number 2  and Love & Family luck direction is “North West”

We need to activate this direction using proper enhancers so that girl finds a loveable match.

Once Love luck is activated put an image of a couple in the South Western region of her room to have a suitbale and stable match.

About The Consultant

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