Vastu for Home How to Design a Vastu-friendly Kitchen?

Vastu For Kitchen – Simple Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen

 Vastu for kitchen tells us about the importance of the kitchen in any house; it is the source of our day-long energy. A proper Vastu enhances the positivity inside a kitchen. Each appliance inside our kitchen has some significance, and when we place it according to the Vastu, positive vibes are sure to prevail. The cooking gas, microwave, mixer, refrigerator, sink doors, and windows should follow the perfect Vastu, but not all of us know what that exact placement is. Vastu for kitchen helps us in making some small yet significant changes while maintaining the decor in our house; here is a brief guide for you:


Vastu for Kitchen suggests that the Kitchen be located in the South East, as this is the (Fire zone) and ruled by Venus, which is again a fiery planet. Kitchen in South East gives fame. Next, the best location for the kitchen is North-West (Air zone) as Air supports fire. Next is the South, which is also good for Kitchen as it is also Fire’s direction. East is also acceptable for the kitchen, but it is just acceptable. Designing inside has to be appropriate to get a favourable result. According to Vastu Shastra avoid Kitchen in West & South West of the house, Kitchen in South West increases expenses on Food  

Vastu for Kitchen

The Entrance

The entry of the Kitchen should be either in East, West or North as per Vastu Shastra. In fact, if Kitchen is placed in the correct direction/location, then the door would automatically fall at the right place.  We don’t suggest the entrance to be in South, which would happen only if Kitchen is constructed in North-East or North, which is not advised. The kitchen door should not be in any corners, though this is not easy to follow due to the rise in Apartment/Flat culture. However, if we could have the inside layout as per Vastu, we are good to go.


The gas stove should be placed in the South-East corner of the Kitchen 3 inches away from the wall. It should not be visible from the main door. If it is not possible to place it in South East, place it in East (for South East Kitchen), South is also acceptable if you can’t put our Gas in South East or East of the Kitchen in South East.

Vastu for Kitchen How to place stove in Kitchen

Drinking-Water & RO

North East is the direction for underground Water as per Vastu Shastra. Place Drinking water or RO in the North Eastern area of the Kitchen. North can also be used if we don’t have the possibility to hang/keep it in the North East. At any cost, avoid RO & Drinking water in the South, South East as they belong to Fire (Fame) and putting water will bring not only loss of Fame but also Money (Water represents money).

Vastu for kitchen where to place water as per Vastu

Cook’s Direction

Vastu suggests Cook should face East while cooking, Gas Stove & other cooking material should be placed to facilitate cooking while facing East. Practically, every Kitchen would not permit East facing cooking, and the cook can also face South while cooking as this is also the direction of South. Avoid West direction; as it reduces the quality of cooking & food, and under any circumstances North is a strict NO.

Gas Cylinder

Gas Cylinders should be placed in South-East or South (avoid East & North East strict No) Spare cylinders Full/Empty should be placed in the South-West if South West is not possible then place them in West or South. 

Vastu for kitchen which direction to face while cooking as per Vastu


Storage Almirah/Racks should be constructed on the Southern & Western wall as per Vastu this area should remain heavy. All the essential commodities like containers of pulses, grains, spices etc should be kept in South or West of the Kitchen.

ctrical Equipment

Microwave, Electric Stoves should be placed in the South-East or South. No electric equipment (fire) in North East (Water) Geyser should be placed in South East.


The refrigerator should be placed in North West or South East. North West is better as it is Air zone and keeps things fresh. It can also be placed in West or South, it is always better if Refrigerator opens to East or North. Never keep Refrigerator or any heavy Almirah/cupboard in North East of Kitchen.

Vastu for kitchen Storage, Microwave, Refrigator


Sink (water) is best suited in North East, however, it should be at a distance (minimum 3-4 feet) away from the Gas Stove (fire). Fire & Water are opposite elements and should be kept at a distance to improve harmony among housemates. In case the Sink & Gas Stove is in close proximity put a small earthen pot in between. The sink can be placed at North West also and if unavoidable we can keep it in East (at a distance from Gas Stove) or West also. South, South East & South West should be avoided for Sink.

Vastu for kitchen placement of sink in kitchen as per vastu

Kitchen Slab

The kitchen slab should be Red if the kitchen is located in South East as South East is a fire zone and Red represents the Fire element. And, it should be green if it is placed in North West, North West is air element and it’s safe to use Green colour in North West (as per Feng Shui) Don’t use Black Slab in Kitchen, black represents water and Kitchen is Fire. Water (money) & Fire if kept together may lead to loss of money.

Vastu for kitchen placement kitchen slab as per vastu


Ceramic tiles, mosaic, marble are good choices for kitchen flooring. Ceramic tile flooring is recommended to accommodate Indian conditions as it is stain-free, dust-free and scratch resistant.

Color Scheme

Kitchen is Fire element, so we should use warm color in floor and walls like Yellow, Orange, Rose, or Red. Avoid Black color in Kitchen.

Vastu for kitchen flooring of kitchen as per vastu

Ventilation (Windows & Exhaust)

East is the best direction for Window in a Kitchen. Exhaust should be installed at South East or North West of the Kitchen.

Dinning in Kitchen

Dinning in Kitchen should be avoided to maintain the sanctity of the Kitchen. One should face East or North while taking food for better digestion.

Vastu for kitchen Can we have a dinning table in the Kitchen as per Vastu

These are just some basic tips for Vastu in your kitchens, that will fill the heart of your home with positive vibes only! If you need some more Vastu tips, read this: Usher in Positivity: Vastu for Bedroom & Vastu for Wealth

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