What is Business Name Numerology?

Business Name Numerology is based on the value of the name numbers arrived at using Numerology. Numerology comes from the Latin prefix “Numerus” which means number + suffix “logy” which means study, so it means the study of Numbers. Business Name Numerology provides us with the Business Name that is compatible with our Date Of Birth.

Do We Get Affected By Name & Name Numbers?

All of us get attracted to a few numbers. We may not know the reason, however, we do prefer few numbers over others and when we don’t get our favourite numbers, we feel a little disappointed.

There has to be something which makes us like few numbers and simply hate others. Though all the numbers are equally important, still few numbers favour us more than other numbers.

Based on the same concept Business Name Numerology Calculator suggests us few names that can help us in setting up our business correctly.

Is Destiny Number A Good Option?

Of late people have been asking if they could use their Destiny Number as their Business Name Number or not.

Let’s understand.

There are 4 different persons born on the 15th of May 1983, 14th of June 1983, 13th of July 1983, and 12th of August 1983 who have the same destiny number 5.

Do you think they all will get money from the number 5?

The answer is no, as their destiny number might be the same, however, their birth number is completely different.

Chances are there that they will have different wealth numbers too. Ideally, they should start their business based on their wealth number.

 How to use Business Name Numerology Calculator?

At some point in time, we all wish of having a business that could fetch us millions. However, we know that business is not everybody’s cup of tea, we really need to have a unique product or service, a robust plan, and good business acumen.

We may have a great product, an amazing team, and unmatched business acumen, but do all these guarantee business success?

They should in an ideal situation, however, this doesn’t happen with everyone.

People wonder why their competitors working on the concept are thriving while they are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. If you have also experienced something like this then you might be a victim of a bad business name.

Is there any solution?


Take help from the business name numerology calculator to find out the perfect business name that is favourable to your Date of Birth and also resonates with your business category.

Enter your DOB and probable business names in the online Business Name Numerology Calculator tool to check if the name you are planning to use for your business is favourable to your DOB.

We have added a unique functionality to our online calculator, now you can check up to three business names in one go

Once we have the numerological values of the names, scroll down and check the value of your business name numbers in the Business Name Numbers table to see if your choice is correct or not. 

In an ideal situation, our business name number should match our birth number, destiny number, or most preferably money number (money number can be calculated using Astrology only).

Also, read the case study to know how to use the calculations. 

Billionaires and their Wealth Numbers

We have been researching billionaires, and we have seen some startling combinations in their wealth numbers, their names vibrations, and their business names.

Let’s start with Warren Buffet. He was born on August 30, 1930, at 15:00, in Omaha, United States. Using astrology, we ascertained that his wealth number is 3, which is coincidently his birth number too. And the unfavorable number that would limit his growth is number 1. 

His first name Warren is also 3 as per Chaldean numerology, and his Name Vibrations are 488.76  out of 497.93, which is pretty high. He has been inherently blessed with wealth energy since his childhood. No wonder he made his first investment in stocks at the age of 11.

When his money number is 3, his birth number is 3, and his name number (Warren) is also 3, then, obviously, he is bound to have wealth luck activated from a very early age.

A few of his best investments are AAPL = 3 (Pythagorean),
Government Employees Insurance Company = 3 (Chaldean), also known as GEICO = 3 (Pythagorean).

Though he played an instrumental role in getting Google listed publicly, however, he could never invest in Google. Let’s see the reason why. 

Google  1 (Chaldean, Google Inc (Chaldean 1), and it is listed as GOGGL (Chaldean 1) all have Chaldean numerology value 1. Since his unfavorable number is 1, it has never let him earn from Google in the form of investments or by any other means. 

This is very important to understand when it comes to investing in a business that our unfavorable number will never let us earn money and make it big. 

Sergey Brin’s wealth number is 7, and Google = 7 (Pythagorean), Bill Gates’s name vibrations is 459.88, and if we check his real name William Henry Gates III, then it is also vibrating at 462.92 out of 497.93. 

We will be sharing detailed research about Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk, and most interesting one is Jeff Bezos. 


Business Name Numerology Calculator

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Why is Business Name Numerology Important?

The science of vibrations

Everything carries energy vibrations, so does Money, so do you, me, and everyone else. Going by the same principles even the names that we call each other carry vibrations.

Every letter and number emit vibrations.

Whether it is your name, your kid’s name, or your business’ name, everything emits vibrations, and these vibrations have a direct impact on the skills, capabilities, nature, behavior, and success or failure of the name holder.

In fact, the long-term influence of these vibrations can shape our future. Numerology believes that everything around us is made of numbers.

There are various methods developed over time to understand how names impact our energy and attract other energetic vibrations. Let us examine two.

It’s relatively easy to start a business, however, it takes a lot of effort to run it successfully. So we really need to check everything before we invest a significant amount in our business.

It becomes imperative to find a suitable name for our business.

We can find good names using Astrology, however, astrology is much deeper than Numerology.  Though Astrology gives the most accurate numbers, the only challenge is to have accurate data (date, time, and place of birth). However, sometimes, getting the exact time of birth becomes difficult and in want of Time of Birth, we can’t use Astrology.

Here Numerology comes in handy, and the quickest way to find a Business Name that matches with the Birth & Destiny number is to use Business Name Numerology calculator.

Lucky Number For Car Calculator

Starting a New Business!

  1. Get a Business Name that starts with your Wealth letter
  2. The business name that totals to your Wealth Number.
  3. And, a Name that Vibrates at Higher Frequencies.

Who should go for the Paid Consultation?

Everyone doesn’t need the paid consultation, however, here are a few situations in one must seek an expert advice before starting the business:

  1. If your birth number & destiny number are not friendly to each other.
  2. If you are starting the business for the first time.
  3. If you are already running a business that is not yielding the desired income.
  4. If you are investing a substantial amount in your business.
  5. If you actually want to earn from your business and you are not giving it a shot just for the sake of it.

Being an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea, however, all of us have a deep desire in our hearts to have our own business venture someday.

We all know when we start a business we are not risking our capital but also our time & reputation.

Most of us think that it takes an amazing idea to be successful, however, we have seen Businesses or Businessmen that have a connection with their Wealth Number are the only ones that are successful beyond imagination.

Otherwise, thousands of Business start every day, but very few succeed. 

So, invest in a name that is based on your wealth number.

Business Name Numerology Case Study

Here is a case study, a company needs a name for their Film Production business. It is a partnership firm and they want a name that matches the Date Of Birth of both the partners. Rajesh S Siwan (date of birth is 21 Apr 1975) and Kantibhai Shah (date of birth is 9 Jun 1977). Calculations of their name numbers and birth & destiny numbers are as follows:

Partner 1 / Partner 2 Name Number
Chaldean / Pythagorean
Birth / Destiny
Rajesh S Siwan 9 / 2 3 / 2
Kantibhai Shah 9 / 3 9 / 3

Though Chaldean is the most used system in name numerology, we evaluate the name numbers based on both the Chaldean & Pythagorean systems for fine-tuning purposes.  We don’t neglect the Pythagorean system as it also has a beauty of its own; however, if we have to choose one of them, we prioritize Chaldean.

Now we need a name for the film production unit that is favourable for both.  They selected 5 names and asked us to provide them with the best name.

1. RK Films
2. RK Film Productions
3. Kanraj Films
4. KR Film House

Before doing the calculations we need to understand that the name numbers may match with the owner’s name or may not.

However, there can be four instances for name and dob:

  1. Chaldean & Pythagorean name numbers of the business match with the Date of Birth of the owners. (Amazing Match)
  2. Chaldean and Pythagorean name numbers of the business do not match with the Date of Birth of the business owners. (Worst Match)
  3. Chaldean name number matches, but Pythagorean does not match with the Date of Birth of the owners (Good Match)
  4. Chaldean does not match, but Pythagorean matches with the Date of Birth of the owners. (Low Compatibility) 
Business Name Business Name Number
Chaldean / Pythagorean
RK Films 5 / 7
RK Film Productions 7 / 7
Kanraj Films 4 / 6
KR Film House 1 / 2

According to Business Name numerology,
1. Rajesh S Siwan’s numbers are 3 / 2  birth & destiny

2. Kantibhai Shah’s numbers are 9 / 3 (birth/ destiny)

Now, if we go by the Business Name Numerology the name ‘KR Film House‘ is the only name that carries the numbers (Chaldean 1 & Pythagorean 2) that match with the DOB of both the partners.

As per the ‘Compatible Numbers for Business’ table, number 2 does not show compatibility with number 3, however, they belong to the same group so they have this innate friendship in between them according to astrology & numerology.

  1. Group A contains 1, 2, 3, and 9 (friendly to each other)
  2. Group B contains 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 (friendly to each other)

As we mentioned earlier, if we have to choose between the Chaldean and Pythagorean systems, we go for Chaldean.

Conclusion: This will be a good Business Name for them. 

Note: This is just for educational purposes, if you are investing a huge amount of money in your business then please take personal advice from an astrologer or a name vibrations specialist before starting the Business. 

Business Name Numerology Calculator

If you have been planning to buy a car, a premium bike or your dream house for a long time but are facing one or the other problem, then you must pay attention to the things which are causing wealth issues and not letting you get the uninterrupted flow of money (to repay the loans), ensure that your bedroom is not placed in an unfavourable direction and check your kitchen to control your expenses.

You can use our various numerology calculators to find the lucky number for your car, to check if your business partner is lucky for you or to find a suitable business namebaby name or to check the compatibility between you & your love.

Numerical Value of Alphabets (Chaldean & Pythagorean)

Chaldean :  AIJQY = 1, BKR = 2, CGLS = 3, DMT = 4, EHNX = 5, UVW = 6, OZ = 7, FP = 8

PythagoreanAJS = 1, BKT = 2, CLU = 3, DMV = 4, ENW = 5, FOX = 6, GPY = 7, HQZ = 8, IR = 9

How To Calculate Manually

Step by step guide to select a business name according to Business Name Numerology.  Here is a person (Rajkumar Rao, DOB 15th June 1981)  who wants to start his Interior Designing Business and wants a favourable name with high vibrations.

Step 1. Ascertaining the Birth & Destiny Number and the line of Business
Now when we do the calculation for a business owner Rajkumar Rao  (DOB 15 June 1981) DOB we find out that his
Birth Number is 6 (Venus) and his Destiny Number is 4. Whereas number 6 Venus, the planet of beauty and governs the interior designing business. Number 4 Rahu is a friend of Venus (as per astrology they belong to the same group of 4,5,6,7 and 8). So, Rajkumar Rao can easily get into beauty-related business as his Birth number supports it and his Destiny Number is also friendly to his birth number.

Step 2. Calculating Name Numbers using Business Name Numerology and selecting the right name. 

Business Name: Rao Interiors & Decorators
Numerology: Chaldean 6/ Pythagorean 4
Name Vibrations: 472.46

Business Name: RR Interiors & Decorators 
Numerology: (Chaldean 9 / Pythagorean 2)
Name Vibrations: 301.13

Business Name: Rajkumar Interiors & Decorators
Numerology: (Chaldean 6 / Pythagorean 5)
Name Vibrations: 334.46

Step 3. Finalizing the name according to Business Name Numerology & Name Vibrations 

Suggested Name: Rao Interiors & Decorators

Why did we choose it? Because;

  1. Rao Interiors & Decorators’ name number 6 (Venus) signifies the beauty-related business viz Interior Decoration. 
  2. Rao Interiors & Decorators’ name total is Chaldean 6 (Venus) & Pythagorean 4 (Rahu) and they are friends with each other. 
  3. Rao Interiors & Decorators’ carries the highest vibrations 472.46 (out of 498.75) 
  4. Also, his Birth & Destiny numbers are also 6 & 4. So, they are in sync with the business name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What if our Business Name is not as per numerology?

We get hundreds of enquires that ask the same question. However, we understand that it is not easy to change the company name as it would include expenses, time, and effort. And, even after going through the rigorous process of finding a business name, there is no guarantee that we can get the desired name.

Our Name Vibrations specialists do offer a solution in this situation.

Suppose you have already started your company without paying attention to business name numerology. In that case, you can still get the brand names that match all the partner’s wealth numbers and vibrate at higher frequencies.

Or you can use our free calculator and take the help of numerology by selecting the right name for your brand. Brand name numerology is a ray of hope for the companies as they can pick the brand name favouring the partners.

2. What’s more important, a Company Name or a Brand Name?

We know that a company can have multiple brands under its flagship. However, we might have noticed all the brands under a company or business do not function equally well.

Do you know the reason?

The brands that have high name vibrations and comply with business name numerology have a better probability of success than the brand names that do not match with the partner’s date of birth or vibrate at lower frequencies.

3. Should we use the Names given by a Business name generator?

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of websites with the Business Name Generator tool and our customers often ask if they should be using the business names suggested by these websites or online tools.

To this, we reply a Business Name Generator can give you myriads of Business Name Ideas, however, these business names may not be suitable for you according to your Date of Birth. Starting a business is easy, but sustaining it profitably requires time, effort, and money.

If you are young with deep pockets and just starting your first business then you can try everything you want. If you succeed you will get money and if you fail you will get experience. However, in the latter case, you may have to lose some money and of course time.

It all depends upon your business acumen and ability or willingness to take risks.

After the reality check here is the logical explanation.

Every name carries meaning and vibrations. If you pick a random name generated by software by combining a few suffixes and prefixes then it may or may not resonate with a lucky number.

If you are fortunate enough to get a name that matches your lucky number then your chances of success improve, however, if the name doesn’t match your DOB (your lucky number) then the probability of you losing the money is more.

Now the choice is yours to choose prudence over gut feeling. And, here is a piece of advice hire a consultant, pay the fee, and get a good name.  Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

You can pick any consultant of your choice and if nothing works you can come to us. But the bottom line is this invest in a lucky Business Name.

4. How to find a Pvt Ltd Co. name using Company Name Numerology?

Every company is a business, but every business is not a company; however, numerology rules apply to all the industries. You can easily use our tool for Company Name Numerology calculations. For example, you may have a Single Owner Company, a Private Limited Company, or a Publicly Traded Company (listed in an exchange).

You can first evaluate the birth details of all the prospective partners in our Business Partner Name Compatibility tool and then pick the partners that prove suitable to you. Once you have decided on the partners, you should choose a Company Name, considering numerology for business success.

In simpler words, we should pick the business name according to the date of birth of all the partners and ensure that it is favourable for most of them, if not all.

Picking up the best numerology number for the business name can help eradicate the unnecessary hurdles and improve the chances of the company’s growth and prosperity.

4. How to come up with a Business Name?

Your business name search should start with astrology or numerology first and not with the Business Name Generator.

It’s easy to get carried away by business name ideas suggested by these online tools, however, these Business Name Generators do not take your Time and Place of birth into consideration to suggest a name that in is sync with your Astrological chart. There would be millions of people who might have the same Birth Number and Destiny Number, but do you think that same Business Name would suit them?

Numerology is an incomplete science, so for pinpoint accuracy, you should go for a Business Name that is based on Astrology. Moreover, numerology can’t calculate your wealth number.

The best Business Name would be one that is based on your Wealth Number. Suggesting a business name based on your wealth number is an art, it requires time and effort.

A hand-crafted name based on precise astrological calculations has more probability of success as compared to a name suggested by a random Business Name Generator.

About The Consultant

Dinesh Atrish is a celebrity international Name Vibrations Specialist / Astrologer / Vastu consultant / Feng Shui practitioner. 

Trains Stock Market Traders on Financial Astrology & Technical Analysis.

Call us at +91 9990513999 or email at mail@dineshatrish.com

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  1. hari

    Business Owner Details – 12/09/1985

    Business Name 1 – bison 4×4 performance and camping equipment trading
    CHALDEAN : 7

    Business Name 2 – camp gear general trading
    CHALDEAN : 8

    Business Name 3- bison 4×4 overlanding
    CHALDEAN : 2

    out of these names which one i should choose

    which will give better profit for me

    • Dinesh Atrish

      Hi Hari,

      If you are looking for
      1. a business name that starts with your letter of Abundance.
      2. A business name that totals to your Wealth number
      3. A Business name that vibrates on higher frequencies.

      Then, we recommend that you talk to our team at +91 9990513999.

      Since, you are starting a business and every business person aspires to earn money and create wealth in the longer run, so your business name should total to your Wealth number.

  2. Archana Mehra

    Hello. My birth number is 2 nd my destiny number is 5.
    My name adds up to 9

    What are some good numbers for my brand?

    • At Denesh Atrish

      Hi Archana,

      Please get in touch with our team at +91 9990513999. They might ask you few questions related to your business and then you can take it forward from there.

  3. Gaurika

    Namaste Dinesh,

    Can I please check with you –
    My Birth number is – 9
    My Destiny/Life path number is – 2

    Would Business number Chaldean – 1 and Pythagorean 9 work

    I appreciate your response.
    This is just a private company.


    • Dinesh Atrish

      Hi Gaurika,

      Did you pick Business Name Number Chaldean 1 & Pythagorean 9.

  4. Pravin Parekh

    My company name is Min Chem India
    Partner Pravin Parekh
    Partner Ashutosh P Parekh

  5. Elle

    My birth number is 3
    My destiny number is 1

    My business name is a
    Chaldean 1 and Pythagorean 3

    Are you saying that if the Chaldean number is not the same as my birth number the name frequency is just “ok?”

    • At Denesh Atrish

      Hi Elle,

      Your business name Chaldean 1 & Pythagorean 3 resonate with your Birth and Destiny number.

      • Benny

        Hello Kind Sir

        BIRTH NUMBER: 1

        CHALDEAN : 2
        PYTHAGOREAN : 5

        Does this mean the business name will be compatible with 1.birth number 1
        2.lifepath 2
        3.or both birth number 1 and life path 2

        How do you calculate name vibration?

        Thank you and God bless you with many blessings

        • At Denesh Atrish

          Hi Benny,

          i). Business Chaldean 2 is compatible with Birth Number 1 and destiny number 2.
          ii). Business name total Pythagorean 5 is only compatible with the birth number 1, however, it is not favourbale to Destiny number 2.
          iii). We use multiple calculations to evaluate Name Vibrations, and you can get in touch with our team via WhatsApp +91 7042523259.

  6. Paige


    How do we calculate the name vibration? Is there a calculator we can use to do that?

    • At Denesh Atrish

      Hi Paige,

      Kindly get in touch with our team at our WhatsApp number +91 7042523259 to know more about this.

    • Samiksha Chakraborty

      What is your charge for select a business name?

      • At Denesh Atrish

        Hi Samiksha,

        Kindly share these details:

        1. Is it a Private Limited Company, a Partnership Firm, or a Sole Proprietorship?
        2. Do you have the complete DOB (including time & place of birth) of all the partners/owners?
        3. What is the nature of business?

        Give some information about your business to our team at +917042523259.

  7. Kamal

    What are the charges for finding new business name

    • AR Dinesh Atriii

      Hi Kamal,

      Finding a New Business Name is dependent on multiple factors viz. Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Pvt. Ltd Company etc. Kindly get in touch with our team via WhatsApp at +91 7042523259 for quick assistance.


    my name is p vara prasad
    dob : 10/12/1977
    company name : prrasad international courier

    sir please send faourble number. if you any change this name. please told you

    • At Denesh Atrish


      Please get in touch with our team on our Whatsapp number at +91 7042523259.


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