How to Name your Child using Baby Name Vibrations?

Baby Name Vibrations is a potent way of providing a strong name to your newborn.

We have seen one thing that is common in most successful people, they have a good Horoscope, their Lucky Number Birth number & Destiny number are in sync, and they have a name that vibrates at a high frequency. We have analyzed hundreds of Horoscopes, DOBs, and Names.

Similarly, we have noticed at least 40% of people struggle due to the missing synchronization in their Date of Birth and Name. In other words, their name neither matches with their DOB nor it carries high vibrations.

Maybe it is the strong horoscope, which renders strength to the name (strong name vibrations) and sync between Destiny and Psychic Number.

It is no coincidence, it is for sure.

What can we do to ensure that our children don’t struggle because of a weaker name?
We should name our baby according to Name Vibrations system. Baby Name Vibrations is a robust way of naming a baby and provides names that vibrate on higher frequencies. This systems based on Signs (Moon Signs), Lucky Number,  Psychic (Birth Number), and Destiny (Life Path) numbers. So that our kids don’t get into an unnecessary struggle.

We all know that achievements take time, however, investing your energy in unproductive efforts also consumes time & energy.

How to get a Baby Name with High Vibrations?

When we decide to Name a Baby according to favorable number for him/her, first thing we need is exact date of birth (date & time), else we won’t reach at the correct result. We use those details to;

  • To ascertain the Lucky, Favorable & Unfavorable numbers
  • Calculate the Psychic (Birth) & Destiny (Life path) numbers
  • Evaluate the favorable numbers and Psychic/Destiny numbers
  • Use the Nakshatra & above calculations to find a suitable/favorable Alphabet
  • Find corresponding names which have good/favorable meaning
  • Evaluate the Name Vibrations of researched names
  • Adjust the spelling to get a Strong Name (High Vibrations)
  • Provide the list to the parents

Indeed it is a time consuming process.

Results of Using Baby Name Vibrations

Case Study:

Parents of a kid requested that their Girl’s name should be according to her birth Nakshtra, it should have divine meaning, and the father’s name (Vishnu) should be there in the girl’s name.

Girl’s Psychic Number 8 and Birth Number 7, girl’s father wanted name number to be 7. All the calculations were done according to that.

After researching 70 names below names were arrived at. Recommended name is Divikssha Vishnu with name vibrations 490.07  (out of 500 max), name number 7 (which is coincidentally her lucky number also), and with a divine meaning God’s Rays

Spelling was changed from Diviksha to Divikssha as this new spelling gives very high vibrations with desired name number.

Remember one thing : We can not change, Lucky Number, Birht number, Destiny number, Birth Nakshatra or Horoscope, all we can decide is a strong name, based on Baby Name Vibrations. So give you child a head start and don’t let them undergo the unnecessary struggle.

Naming A Child Using Name Vibrations

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a name for a baby boy? Is it based on the Life path number or destiny number?

Life Path, Number, Destiny Numbers, or Conductor Numbers are all the same in numerology Jargon.

It seems you wanted to ask Psychic/Birth Number or Destiny/Life Path Number.

Nevertheless, here are the deeper insights.

We all have three numbers in our life

  1. Wealth Number
  2. Lucky Number
  3. Favorable Number
  4. Unfavorable Number

And these numbers are based on Astrology rather than Numerology. Instead of naming your baby on his Birth  Number or Destiny Number, we suggest you name him based on his Wealth Number. This way, he won’t have to struggle in his career.

We may pick the letter to start our newborn baby’s name based on his birth number or destiny number without realizing that this letter may harm his career and wealth-acquiring abilities.

The best way to name a child is to select a letter based on its Wealth, Lucky, or Favorable number. Use that letter to find a name that totals to the Wealth number (preferably).

Finally, ensure that the name is vibrating at the higher frequencies.

We have a system in place to evaluate the vibrations of a name, be it a baby name, individual, brand name, or business name.

Any name that carries vibrations 450 or above is considered a strong name. The maximum vibrations can be approx 497.25.

Sometimes we do not get a name that carries strong vibrations. In that case, we may try tweaking the spelling of the name until we get a name that vibrates at 450 or more vibrations.

Let me recap again parents may pick a baby’s name based on his birth number or destiny number; however, the best results would come if they can choose a name based on the child’s wealth number.

Please don’t make your kid work for his name; let his name work for him. Check a few powerful names and what these names did for them.

The earlier we start, the earlier we get. So give your child a head start by giving him a powerful name from the very beginning.

What if my Baby’s Name is not strong?

A student with higher grades (marks) in school has more opportunities in front of him as compared to a student who has got lower grades.

In the same way, a person with a strong name (a name vibrating at higher frequencies) tends to get more exposure, has more risk-taking abilities, and gets more support from the surroundings.

Not without reason Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk managed to achieve what they have achieved. 

About the Author

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