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South West is the direction of Partner (Relationships)


  1. Keep the North East of your house / Apartment clean (This is the area which improves wisdom)
  2. No heavy things viz. Cupboards, Trunks (Big Boxes), heavy Beds and heavy plants should be kept in North East.
  3. Keep the South West of your House / Apartment clean (especially of your bedroom) clean.
  4. Place a heavy item via. Cupboard or Bed in South West.
  5. Promote things in couple in South West (We can also keep couple images there)
  6. Use Double Happiness symbol in South West to promote harmony between the inmates.
  7. Avoid using Black / Blue color in South West instead use the shades of Red / Pinks.
  8. If you have a marriageable Daughter keep her in North West (after activating her marriage luck)
  9. Don’t keep sharp edged metal things in South West.



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