Feng Shui Mistakes We Should Avoid

Sometimes we end up making the worst feng shui mistakes in an honest attempt to create a better environment that attracts positive chi energy — for example, placing a TV in the bedroom or an aquarium in the kitchen or a water painting in the bedroom. Everything placed inside our house talks to us, they continuously need our attention, and so we must not over-do the cures or enhancers. 

Though the incorrect feng shui picture placements or element’s use can make it impossible to have the kind of energy flow we want or need in our home, we always have the option to be aware of these misconceptions and correct them quickly.


Feng Shui is like medicine; taking a tablet without knowing the use of it is not going to help anyway. Decorating with a feng shui cure, we do not like (or need) or know about is like adding visual clutter. So don’t go out and buy tons of feng shui cures and make your home look like a feng shui gift shop.

Placement of the rooms not according to the ba-gau map. Ignoring bagua placements can have negative repercussions on the residents of the property.

Incorrect elements placements, like a water fountain in the South or fire zone (viz. kitchen) or earth dominant room (like bedroom), is a grave mistake, so avoid it.

Using colours contrary to the Bagua, like green colour in the couple’s bedroom or adult’s bedroom (though it is suitable for children’s bedroom), green represents wood and wood eats into earth element, which is much needed for solidarity in relationships.

Mirror facing the main door (one of the worst feng shui mistakes) reflects the good chi entering from the entrance, and residents tend to miss opportunities they should have been getting otherwise, and it may attract unnecessary conflicts too.

We should avoid having more than three water fountains inside our house unless we live in a huge mansion.

Different flooring for each room creates an imbalance in the life of the residents in the house. Uneven floor level makes the energetic foundation of the house loses its strength and continuity though this doesn’t apply to the busy areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

Decorating with the bagua mirror inside the house, the Bagua mirror is a powerful feng shui cure that should not be used indoors, as it either reflects the energy or sucks the energy inside it. It is only suggested outside the home as recommended by a feng shui consultant.

Having many family photos in your bedroom, it is the couple’s private space so it should be left for them only and too many family phots should be avoided in the bedroom. Family photos can always take place in the living room.

Note that family photos are excellent feng shui for children’s rooms, as they bring the energy of love and safety to the little ones.

Creating clutter with your decorating, be wise and avoid visual clutter with feng shui decoration. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing anymore, so best to create clear, simple and joyful energy rather than a busy and overwhelming one.

Immaterial of the looks of your TV (sleek and beautiful) or how subtle is its placement; a TV is not advised in the bedroom. TV in the bedroom is one of the worst feng shui decorating mistakes we can make, so act wisely and leave the TV out of the bedroom, not your well-being.

Not necessary to use any of the so-called traditional feng shui cures in your home, such as red tassels, dragon turtles, mandarin ducks, etc unless you really love their look and feel.

About The Consultant

Dinesh Atrish is a celebrity international Name Vibrations Specialist / Astrologer / Vastu consultant / Feng Shui practitioner. 

Trains Stock Market Traders on Financial Astrology & Technical Analysis.

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  1. Anju

    Very useful tips, Thank you so much Dinesh ji.

    • dineshk

      Thank you very much Anju ji for the appreciation. We are glad that they proved useful to you.


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