Vastu For Bedroom

Bedroom Vastu – How To Make It Vastu Compliant

Vastu for Bedroom is utmost important as bedroom is the place where we relax & gain energy for the next day. Vastu Shastra for Bedroom has been given a very high priority and significance. Sometimes, even small changes according to Vastu for bedroom can turn your fortunes around. Vastu & Feng Shui show you how tweaking your bedroom can increase positive energy and even improve the understanding & compatibility among couples.



Everybody suggests that Master Bedroom should be in the SW of the property / house. However, this is practically impossible due to the Apartments, Flats & Floors culture. We should go for a more practical solution which can match with our favorable directions. We can find our favorable directions here.


Bed should be placed towards the SW of your bedroom, as this is the most stable direction/location. Alternatively we can place our Bed in the South of our bedroom. And if there is no option to use SW or South then East or West can also be used. However, avoid placing bed on the Northern wall at any cost. As people end up keeping their head towards the wall on which bed is placed. And North is the direction we should avoid at any cost.

Vastu Shastra Bedroom Tips

  • Don’t place Bed on Northern wall as it leads to anemia & insomnia.
  • Bed should be at least 6 inches high from the floor and no clutter under the bed.
  • Don’t place bed against a toilet wall as it brings bad health.
  • Bed alignment to any corners is not suitable.
  • Clean the Bedroom floor once in a week with Salt water.
  • Avoid round or oval shaped beds and no round ceiling above bed.
  • Never sleep under an overhead beam.
  • No Window/Door right behind the bed instead there should be a solid wall behind your bed, moreover bed should have a head rest.
  • No Temple in Bedroom.


As per Vastu for Bedrooms Shades of Warm colors should be used to keep the fire ignited in the relationship and cold colors should be avoided even if they are your favorite eg: Blue or Black. Another reason to avoid Blue/Black in Bedrooms, we generally tend to keep our Bedrooms in South of our House / Property, which is a Fire direction (belongs to element Fire) and using cold colors Blue/Black (they represent water) or their shades can bring in loss to the Fame (Fire & South represents fame)


We should not use 2 single mattresses on a Double Bed, instead we should use one single mattress for double bed to keep the bonding strong.

Declutter Bedroom

Don’t keep electronic items or other items which have stopped working, and have not been used for a many years viz. Watches, Music System, TV etc.



Bedroom should smell fresh, we can do it by keeping aroma candles, diffusers etc. Smells & aromas can help in uplifting the mood & spirit.


Toilet In Bedroom

  • Attached Toilet should be constructed on the Western side of the Bedroom.
  • We should rather avoid attached Toilet with bedrooms.
  • No Toilet in the North East of the bedroom as per Vastu Shastra, in case there is one put a green bulb inside the toilet and keep it on always.
  • One should ease while facing West or North

Sleeping Directions

  • Sleeping with head towards East makes the person energetic and attracts harmony & spiritualism.
  • Sleeping with head towards South gives strength in body, sound sleep and increases prosperity.
  • Sleeping with head towards West makes a person drowsy & less energetic.
  • Keeping head towards North direction is a strict NO. It leads to bad thoughts, bad dreams & sleeplessness.

Music System

We can & should put a music system in the bedroom in the love & family luck area (can be calculated from here) and play some romantic music to pep up the relationship.

TV In Bedroom

As per Vastu Shastra we should avoid TV in Bedroom of a couple as TV emits waves that may disturb sleep. If you are in a joint family and have no other option but to keep your TV inside your bedroom then do follow these steps:

  • Do it with mutual consent
  • Don’t get hooked to watching TV
  • Watch programs which both of you enjoy.
  • Watching programs with light hearted comedy or romantic songs will elevate the mood.
  • Don’t watch news for a longer period.
  • Don’t watch program like Crime Patrol, Fear Files or any other program which only shows crime or spread negative emotions like hatred or suspicion at night, they will definitely disturb the sleep.
  • Avoid watching serials instead watch a movie (even if you do it for 30 minutes). Movie may keep you hooked for 2 hours, however, serials keep you hooked for years, by adding endless twists to the story. When we get addicted to serials we loose on the quality time spent with the spouse.

NOTE : If there is no other option but to watch TV at night, use a Bluetooth headphone or long wired headphone to avoid disturbing the sleep of your partner. Usually couples follow these things for 2 years of their marriage and after that they start getting slightly rigid. Remember one thing maintaining a good relationship is a conscious effort & we need to spend time with our spouse not with the TV, until & unless you are not on speaking terms.

Aquarium or Water Feature

Avoid Aquarium or other water feature in the bedroom. Aquarium should be placed in the North East  direction of the Living Room.  

Wall Clock

Wall clock should be placed on either Northern wall or Eastern wall. We should not keep broken or non working clocks. 

Air Conditioner

AC should be placed on either Western wall or Southern wall, be it Window AC or Split AC. If we have to place it in corner then it can be placed in either South East or North West corner. 

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