Vastu for Wealth

Vastu For Wealth

Vastu for wealth guides; we spend our entire life creating wealth for ourselves and our future generations. Acquiring wealth is a challenging task in today’s fast-paced and highly inflationary economic world. In the process of wealth creation, we end-up compromising our peace of mind, health and our relationships. Leading content and prosperous life is easily achievable with a few Vastu for Wealth corrections at home and the workplace. Here are a few well-tested tips, used by the wealthy for a long time, that help attract wealth into our lives


Beautiful Welcoming Entrance

The House entrance is the first place to attract good energies as per Vastu for wealth. Logically speaking, the way a human mind gets attracted to a beautiful face or many things beautiful in the surroundings, the same way Abundance, Wealth & Positive Energy get attracted to a tidy, obstruction-free, welcoming and a beautiful house entrance.


How To Make an Entrance Attractive?

  • Decorate the main door of your home distinctively to attract prosperity and wealth fairly easily.
  • Display auspicious religious symbols & also a welcoming doormat at the entrance.
  • Keeping plants outside the main door also help attract positive wealth energy.
  • Putting a bright focus light on the door & decorating the entrance with a beautiful name plate or house number makes entrance very attractive & effective as per Vastu for Wealth.
  • For those who have their main door facing North, North West or West can hang a metallic wind chime with 6 rods outside the house for best results.
  • And, if your house is East, South East or South facing; hang a 4 rod wooden wind chime.
  • Furthermore entrance door or gate should be beautiful looking & should be free from any obstructions. The opening and closing should be smooth without any creaking sounds.
  • Dirty or dusty doors and windows are a big obstruction to one’s financial growth and good fortune. Cleaning them regularly helps in maintaining the free flow of finances.

Clean & Open North Direction

North is the direction of Money in Vastu Shastra. It is ruled by Lord Kuber and Lord Ganesha. Religious and earnest Vastu following and corrections can facilitate an abundant flow of wealth in our lives.

Vastu for wealth suggests keeping the North direction of your home and office spic and span. Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) will never enter a house where there is no cleanliness. By keeping it clean, we mean it is free from any clutter, shoe racks, brooms, store, or obstructions if any.

Vastu for money & wealth says to follow these tips to appease Lord Kuber (the Lord of Wealth & North direction).

  • More open space in the North as compared to the South
  • Preferably have a door or a window in the North direction
  • No Toilet/Bathroom, Kitchen, or Store in North
  • Put your cash in Almirah in the South or South West, and it should open towards the North direction. The opening of the locker in the North direction allows Kuber to fill it again and again.
Vastu For Wealth

Uncluttered North East Direction

North East is governed by planet Jupiter, the Karka for wealth, prosperity & the next generation. Cluttering North East is a big no, as per Vastu for wealth tips as it will hamper chances of abundant wealth & prosperity.

The deeper we lay emphasis on any direction of the house, the more beneficial results we reap by activating the ruling planets & lords of that particular direction. North East is the direction of the water. It represents money in Vastu Shastra for Wealth. Having a running water feature in the North East will enhance the flow of wealth;

  • Borewell in North East of the house.
  • Underground water tank in North East
  • Swimming pool in North East
  • Running water feature like a fountain or aquarium in North East

Note: Having a running water feature in the North East activates ’GajKesari Yoga’ for the house. GajKesri (Elephant & Lion together) is the best Raj Yoga a native can have in his/her horoscope. This yoga gives the owner abundant wealth & power. Destroys the enemy.

  • North East with lots of open space is great for the wealth energy to flow freely
  • No high-rise structures or tall trees in the North-East, obstructing the flow of energy.
  • North-East should not be kept dark, and no heavy objects or machinery in NE
  • No Toilet/Bathroom or Store in North East
  • Wasting water symbolizes wasting money in Vastu Shastra for Money, Fix those leaking/ dripping taps or faucets immediately.
  • No blocked drainage inside the house & stagnant water. It stagnates finances.



Heavier & Higher South West

South West is the direction of Nairuti, the demon & planet Rahu, which symbolizes instability. Heavier & higher the direction is more suppressed the planet or ruler of that area. Vastu for wealth says if we keep South West heavy, it suppresses Nairuti & Rahu both, thereby reduces the chance of instability & provides much desired stability.

  • No bore well, underground water tank, swimming pool or running water feature in South West.
  • Always keep heavy furniture, cupboards, double beds, in South West of the bedroom.
  • Store rooms should be made in South-West area of the plot.
  • Always keep the South West portion of roof higher than the North East portion, i.e. roof should slope from South West to North East.
  • South & West walls of home and boundary should be higher & thicker than the walls in North and East side.
  • As per Vastu for money, we should plant big & huge trees in the South-West area of the plot, as it adds to height & weight both, thereby stabilizes finance.
  • Keeping South West heavier also helps in averting misfortunes & unnecessary troubles in the family.

More Vastu for Wealth tips for attracting Prosperity


Practice Kuber Mudra

Kuber Mudra – A wealth-attracting and wish-fulfillment mudra is one of the most coveted mudras practiced all over the world by people of all the age for achieving their desired goals and acquiring wealth. Face North or North East while practicing Kuber Mudra. 

Feed The Birds

Feeding grain to birds improves the planet Mercury, the giver of wisdom & business acumen. Moreover, better wisdom always helps in improving the financial flow into your home. Place a bird feeder or a birdbath in a yard/garden or a hanging bird feeder in your balcony.

Decorate With Wealth Color

Purple is the colour associated with Wealth & Royalty. We can use purple hues by placing them in our homes in the form of cushions, curtains, floor mats, purple coloured plants, and purple potted money plant, to attract positive wealth energy.

Red and green colours are also believed to attract money according to Vastu for wealth. And, introducing these colours in the interiors of your home through walls, cabinets, furniture, furnishing or accessories will further help in inviting wealth.

Gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity. So go ahead and use the glitter of gold in golden accessories, furnishing, wall colours or decorations of your home and workplace. Golden hues are bound to make a statement and attract wealth & prosperity.

Reflect Your Money

Place a mirror in your cash locker at home or in the office, so that it reflects your money. This is believed to increase the amount of wealth in your home. (Same way a mirror can be placed on the dining table to symbolically double the food, thereby bringing in abundance, and it’s a very powerful remedy/enhancer)

Never-ever, under any circumstances, place the cash locker under any beam as this puts a lot of financial stress on family or business.

Remove Unnecessary Objects

Clutter impedes growth, therefore free your home of unnecessary clutter and obstruction and let the fresh wealth energy flow through it. Vastu for wealth suggests that we discard all the objects and things that are old and broken or that are not in use any longer. Get rid of it and bring the wealth home.

Working Watches

All the watches inside your home should be in working condition and showing the correct time. Vastu Shastra advises that a non-working clock brings finances to stand still and slow clocks are symbolic of a slow career and finances. Hence, keep yourself & the clocks up to date and walk with times to enjoy an abundance of wealth in your life.

Clean & Organized Kitchen

The kitchen falls under the planet Venus, the ultimate giver of Luxurious life. The kitchen is especially relevant in Vastu for wealth as it is where a substantial amount of our wealth gets consumed, and it is the main energy source provider of the home and so it is responsible for happiness and prosperity. A well organized, clean & attractive kitchen pleases the planet Venus (Venus represents wife or the house lady).

A pleased Venus bestows an unimaginable amount of wealth on the house. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the house organized and clean to please and welcome Gods, Goddesses of wealth & fortune to keep us wealthy and prosperous forever.

Nurture Money Plant

Finally, take the help of the money plant in attracting wealth, assign a special place to the money plant in your home, nurture it well and watch your money grow along with it. Believe it, it’s a trap to attract wealth and make it stay in your home.

Place Laughing Buddha

Place Laughing Buddha facing the main door to ward off negative energy which may be blocking the positive wealth energy from entering the house.

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