Name Vibrations

Name Vibrations calculates & improves the Frequency of Energy produced by your Name and then sync it with your Life Purpose or Date of Birth to achieve amazing results.


Ms. Nitu Agarwal is a house wife, she was so impressed by the results, she started learning Numerology herself.


S Ravinder

Marriage was focus, but needed a compatibility with the partner. Now I am convinced.

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Customized Report For Every Client

Report does not only tell you what are your suitable Numbers, Alphabets, Days & Planets. It also tells you how to deal with the people who own the number or alphabet which is not suitable to you. Report also discloses your 4 favorable directions & how to get the best out of your favorable directions.

Luck Factor

Luck factor tells us about our Favorable/Unfavorable number, days, alphabets & planets.

Lucky Numbers
These are the numbers which will favour the most out of all the numbers.

Favorable / Unfavorable Number
We all experience one thing, that we get support from few numbers more than other numbers and there are few numbers which trouble us without any reason.

Favorable Alphabets
These Alphabets will be more beneficial for us out of all the Alphabets.

Unfavorable Alphabets
You might have noticed that you don’t gel with the people whose name start with a particular alphabet, there may be a reason behind it.

Favorable Days
Great strength is available for us on our favorable days.

Unfavorable Days
Though no days are lucky, favorable or unfavorable. They all are same, however, if we remain slightly attentive on days which are not very favorable for us. Or try to make the best use of the favorable days then things may remain in our control.

Favorable Planets
Take help of these planets to achieve your goals.

Unfavorable Planets
These planets may harm you in one way or the other. It’s imperative that you find a way to get rid of the bottlenecks.

Favorable Directions
We all have 4 favorable directions, which govern different areas of our life.  
  • Wealth & Success
  • Health
  • Love & Family
  • Personal Growth

How to use favorable directions?
All the directions represent a particular element & Number. Using different remedies involving those elements & numbers combinations yield amazing results. These directions & remedies/enhancers differ from people to people.  


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