The Lo Shu Square

 The Bagua has evolved from the Lo Shu square, so we must understand its roots and wisdom.


The Lo (Luo) Shu Square, aka the Magic Square, is also at the root of ancient feng shui astrology, the flying star school, as well as the I-Ching (The book of changes), of course.

Once Emperor Yu was walking by the river Lo (thus Lo Shu Square is translated as the Scroll of River Lo). This information dates to 650 BC, the times of high floods in China.

There emerged the turtle from the river; the turtle had a strange 3 x 3 pattern on its shell, which is the basis of the Lo Shu Square, it is a mathematical row and column structure where the sum of numbers from each row, column or diagonal is the same, i.e. 15.

Immaterial of the direction you add the numbers—vertical, diagonal or horizontal—their total remains 15. The number 15 is considered a significant number because it corresponds to the number of days in each of the 24 cycles of the Chinese solar year. And in fact, a new moon to the full moon cycle also lasts for 15 days — the way we have 15 Thithis in our Indian system.

How It Works

In the Lo Shu square, number 5 occupies the center, and odd and even numbers are placed alternatively on its periphery. All the even numbers—2,4,6,8 occupy all the four corners of the Lo Shu grid, and the five odd numbers—1,3,5,7,9 make two diagonals of the Lo Shu Grid/Square.

Lo Shu Square

The Feng Shui Bagua has evolved from the Lo Shu Square, especially if you are aware of the fact that China has a desert in the North, and they get dry winds from North, so due to this reason, they prefer to keep their houses facing South.

As they prefer the South facing entrances, they place south at the top of the maps. Number 9 belongs to the South Bagua area (fire zone), and we can see it at the top of the Lo Shu Square, and the North Bagua sector has number 1 (water zone), which is shown at the bottom of the Lo Shu Square.

The odd numbers are considered of Yang (Male) quality, and the even numbers carry Yin (Female) energy. We can see Yin and Yang numbers alternating around its center number 5 In the Lo Shu Square.

Meaning of Numbers

All the numbers in the Lo Shu Square have a specific characteristic, or they express particular energies or Chi. For example, number 1 carries the energy of feng shui element water, number 3 represents the energy of feng shui element wood, number 6 is the metal element of feng shui, and number 9 is strong fire feng shui element energy.

These numbers are also known as “stars” in Feng Shui, and they move in a pre-defined pattern.

How It’s Used

Xuan Kong, the Flying Star school of Feng Shui charts the path of these starts to ascertain the movement of the energies carried or expressed by these stars (numbers), these movements can prove beneficial or harmful to different personalities. This movement aids in creating a balanced Feng Shui environment.

The way, people hire charted accountants people in China, Singapore & Hong Kong hire Feng Shui consultants who tell them the movement of these stars according to Flying Star Feng Shui. Annual Feng Shui updates are calculated on the trends of these Flying Stars.

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