What is Chi in Feng Shui?

We all have heard about Chi or Feng Shui in our normal life, however, do we know what is Chi in Feng Shui?

Chi / Qi / Ki or Pranic Energy or Life Force is the universal energy that permeates everything around us; it is this energy that differentiates a living human being from a corpse.

This concept of a life force is available in lots of ancient cultures like India; it is called prana; in Japan, ki; in China chi; for Hawaiians, mana.

This energy resides in our body and also outside the human-made structures. When we talk about dwelling places, it is the positive form of this energy, which makes a place habitable.

Have you ever felt tired, ill or sluggish but could not nail down the reason?
This Chi may be the reason for your illness, fatigue, brain fog, or erratic behaviour.

A positive or balanced Life Force / Chi can make human beings alive, alert and present. Conversely, negative Chi can suck all the good things out of us and make us feel sick or lost.

How is Chi expressed in Feng Shui?

Feng Shui energy or Chi/Qi manifests in yin (female) and yang (male) characteristics and various forms as per the feng shui five elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood) theory.

These elements interact in constructive, destructive or moderating ways, and these are called cycles.

Chi can also be expressed in different colours and shapes in Feng Shui. Each colour and shape is an expression of a specific feng shui element. For example, the colour red and triangular forms express the Fire feng shui element.

When we find an imbalance in our house or office, we need to identify the elements required to balance the Chi; once we have identified the element, we can try incorporating different colours, shapes or items, that corresponds to that element and bring that particular Chi into our space.

We may choose any Feng Shui school to work with, but we can attract, direct, and nourish the Chi flow inside our home by decorating with specific colours, shapes and items.

Sheng Chi and Sha or Si Chi (Good Energy and Bad Energy)

We must understand the concept of Sheng Chi and Sha/Si Chi because not all Chi is desirable.

Sheng Chi

In feng shui, Sheng Chi is the energy we all want to have around us as it is vibrant, alive, refreshing and uplifting energy, which is beneficial to your health and well-being. ​

Sheng means upward moving energy in Chinese, or other words are uplifting energy. Sheng Chi is more often referred to only as Chi, or energy, which may take many forms.

It is the energy we feel when we go to a lush green area where nature is thriving (the Japanese call it “wood bathing” or “forest bathing”) or when we go for a refreshing morning walk at the beach or when we visit a place which has beautiful harmonious interior, gentle flow of energy, clean & fresh air, and abundant natural light.

Sha Chi and Si Chi

Sha and Si Chi are sharp and offensively penetrating or low and dispiriting feng shui energies, which are not desired by anyone at their home, office, or anywhere else.

Both Sha Chi and Si Chi feng shui energy vibrations—are bad/harmful feng shui energy expressions. Sha Chi means killing or attacking chi, and Si Chi translates into low, decaying chi, force or energy—the energy that feels lifeless and dying.

Sha Chi:

How does it feel when someone points the finger at us or a sharp-edged weapon at us?

Sha Chi is a fast-moving or sharp feng shui energy, that can be found inside a building.

Sharp-edged objects create Sha Chi, also known as a secret arrow or a poison arrow, e.g. protruding corner of a wall, sharp angle of a cupboard pointing at our bed. This kind of situation creates a constant emission of attacking energy directed at our bodies.

Good feng shui never advice is to have a house at a T-Junction or the end of a long ally, as these houses are exposed to this penetrating, sharp energy directed towards the house all the time until an obstruction is created to block the poison arrow.

Even having an office at the end of a long and narrow passage accumulates attacking energy (Sha Chi).

The distance from the poison/secret arrow decides how penetrating Sha Chi is, farther the distance lesser will be the force.

Constant exposure to Sha Chi may lead to illness and depression; it feels like people are always pointing fingers at you.

Shi Chi

Si Chi, or decaying feng shui energy, can be found in the open spaces, e.g. at the places where the energy of the human massacre, or extreme human tragedies, is still present.  It is also present inside the buildings that have intense geopathic stress.

Si Chi is also present in houses with a lot of clutter, lack of order, as well as a lot of repressed emotions. Yes, homes do store all the negative energy that has been experienced inside their walls; that’s why it is so important to have a space clearing session at least once a year. It is not hard to do, and the results are amazing.

The Flow Of Chi

Chi flows like water; it can be gentle like a stream or stagnated like a pond.

Visualizing the Chi flowing into our home like water can tell us the health of the Chi inside our home. Would the water flow smoothly into our home and nourish all areas, or will it get blocked and become stagnant? Like water, Chi can be subject to both blockage and leakage.

An obstruction-free main door guarantees the abundant flow of Chi inside the house; however, the main door opening to a blank wall can easily obstruct the helpful Chi from entering the premises. Cluttered areas like passages, garages, balconies or closets are other common examples of Chi blockages.

We all know or must have heard that “We should not have three doors in a row in our home.”  Having multiple doors in the direct alignment causes the leakage of Chi, it’s like water entering from the main entrance and leaks from the door right in front of it, without nourishing the area.

We should put some obstruction in between the main door and exterior door so that Chi gets scattered to the entire area. Even a door which is directly aligned with a large window can significantly lead to the energy leakage or loss of feng shui energy.

Feng Shui advocates that we create a home with a smooth flow of Chi because sooner or later, the flow of energy in our home will be reflected in the flow of Chi in our body.

And if our body energy/ Chi gets blocked, it won’t let us live a good quality of life. An abundant and constant flow of vibrant Chi is necessary to support successful productivity and good health.

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