SUN Movement In Different Signs

When SUN moves from one sign to another sign it affects the market in different ways.

  1. 0º – 90º Degrees (Aries to Gemini) When Sun moves from Aries to Gemini then it causes UpTrend, if it is with Malefic planets Saturn, Mars then it will cause steep UpTrend, however, if it is with benefic planets Moon, Mercury or Jupiter then it will cause downtrend. During this period the commodities under the signs from which Sun passes through will go under UpTrend or Down Trend. Uptrend or Down Trend will start from the city/states/country which fall under these signs (Aries-Gemini) and will spread to other places.

2. 90º – 180º Degrees (Cancer – Virgo) When Sun passes through Cancer to Virgo then it causes Down Trend, if Sun would be with benefic planets it causes steep/sharp Down Trend, however, if it gets accompanied by Malefic planets Saturn, Mars then it cause UpTrend. Commodities under the sign from which Sun is passing through will go under Down Trend or UpTrend. Downtrend or UpTrend will start from the city/states/country which falls under these signs (Aries-Gemini) and will spread to other places.

    3. 180º – 270º Degrees (Libra – Sagittarius) When Sun moves ahead and crosses another 90º Degrees and goes through Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius it causes UpTrend and if it gets company of the malefic planets Mars, Saturn, Rahu, etc, then it gives strong UpTrend, else, if it gets benefic planets Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, etc then trend becomes Down Trend. This trend Up/Down will start from the places that fall under these signs and spread to other areas. Also, commodities that come under these signs will be affected (UpTrend or Down Trend)

    4. 270º – 360º (Capricorn – Pisces) Sun ends its cruise when it reaches Pisces at 360º via Capricorn – Aquarius – Pisces, Sun causes Down Trend during this period and, if it is accompanied by Moon, Jupiter, Neptune then it gives strong Down Trend, and on other hand, if it gets malefic planets Saturn, Rahu or Uranus then trend changes to UpTrend. Commodities that fall under Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces get DownTrend or UpTrend and it starts from the places which fall under these signs and spreads to other places.


    This is how SUN transits, through each sign ranging from 0º to 360º

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