Feng Shui for Bathroom

Bathroom carries a lousy reputation in Feng Shui, even a person who does not know much about Feng Shui knows that Bathrooms does not give positive energy. Though we can’t do anything to the Bathroom’s reputation, however, we can still try to reduce the intensity or potency of the bad energy inside the bathroom.

The bathroom at the wrong place, if not treated with Feng Shui cures, can affect your career, health, and wealth.

Follow the Feng Shui tenets about the bathroom; one of them is, a house should have as few bathrooms as possible.

Feng Shui for Bathroom

Bathroom And Other Room’s Door

A good feng shui suggests the bathroom should not be the first thing we should see as we enter the house; in other words, the bathroom door should not face the main entrance directly.

Feng Shui says this kind of position of the Bathroom can invite diseases or poor family luck, or it can cause unexpected personal financial losses (god of wealth leaves as soon as he smells the filth) or bring disharmony in the family. Placing a plant outside the bathroom or placing a screen between the bathroom and the entrance can help.

Bathroom and Kitchen door should not face each other directly; it’s neither hygienic nor prudent, because of the bathroom odour. We can hang a curtain or again put a plant between them.

The bathroom facing the dining room also can affect family harmony and health. Placing a plant outside the toilet can reduce the ill effects of this position of the Bathroom.

The bathroom facing the bedroom is not suitable for health, especially for the women; the bathroom door should not face the bed or your head directly while sleeping.

In most of the cases, placing a plant outside the Bathroom helps.

Feng Shui For Bathroom and Other Room's Door


The Bathroom should never occupy the center of the property, it will produce the decaying Si Chi for the entire home, and putting sea salt in the bathroom can help.

We can also place a plant inside the Bathroom.

A bathroom without a window is more harmful because of not having an outlet to stale air.

The bedroom should not have an attached toilet, and in case there is one, it should be the bathroom shall be well ventilated.

While placing a partition between the bathroom and other rooms, we must ensure that it is not of glass, or it may easily lead to a marriage crisis.

Never convert a bathroom into a dining room or bedroom.

The bathroom door shall not face the temple, altar, or God’s picture or statue in your house.

    Feng Shui For Bathroom Location


    Inside The Bathroom

    Never place the toilet seat and the mirror facing the bathroom door directly. Also, the toilet sheet should not be reflected in the mirror as it doubles the negativity.

    All the bathrooms inside the house should have proper ventilation and natural light. The Bathroom should always remain clean and dry; a moist bathroom is not acceptable in Feng Shui.


    Bathroom Decoration Color

    Bathrooms should not use dark colours as it is already a place for Si Chi or Yin energy; we should use light colours.

      Feng Shui For Bathroom Interior & Decoration Color

      Points To Keep In Mind;

      1. Avoid a bathroom door facing the main entrance.
      2. Refrain from making a bathroom near the main door, in case there is one, keep its door closed.
      3. Ensure all the bathrooms inside the house have proper ventilation and natural light.
      4. Clean the toilet regularly and never keep the floor wet. Keep the bathroom door closed.
      5. Put a plant inside the bathroom to reduce the negative energy.
      6. A plant can be put outside the bathroom also, to have some positive energy outside the bathroom.
      7. Never place a bed on a bathroom wall.
      Feng Shui For Bathroom Tips

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