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After so many requests from our users we have come up with our free Name Numerology Calculator that can calculate Chaldean and Pythagorean values of your name in one go. Now you can check if your name is favourable on both the systems or not at the same place.

If you have been perplexed for a long time that whether your name suits you or not, then your wait ends now. Use our online Name Numerology calculator and check its compatibility with your Birth Number and/or Destiny Number.

Lot of people ask whether they should focus more on Birth Number or Destiny Number. 

The answer is, if you really want success in your life then you should focus on your Wealth Number.

Note: Wealth number can be calculated using Astrology only.

We have helped millions of people with our free tools and a lot of people with personal consultations.

People have been interested in numbers for a long time. It’s not just about doing math anymore; now, numbers can help predict what kind of person you are. This is called Numerology, and it involves using numbers to figure out what might happen in the future based on logical math calculations.

Numerology is like a special way of understanding the energy that surrounds everything. This energy can be seen in different forms, like a dove, the ocean, the wind, the sun, and everything else in the universe. By looking at how this cosmic energy moves, you can learn more about your own life. It helps you figure out your purpose, your goals, and gives you helpful insights. It’s like finding your way to understanding yourself better.

Each letter has a number value that represents a specific planet and every planet carries a different kind of energy in the universe. Numerology can help you figure out the suitable numbers, years, days, and dates to undertake important tasks in your life.

Numerology is a simple way to understand the cosmic energies of the numbers and corresponding planets that surround us in various ways. For example, our mobile number, vehicle number, phone colour, wallet colour or our clothes everything carries specific energy.

So, if we use our favourable numbers, colours and corresponding elements in our regular life we can see an immense change in our life.

These predictions are based on your ruling number, which is a key factor in foreseeing your future. Here are some good things that can happen after you find your ruling number using our Free Name Numerology Calculator:

  1. Choose your career path by considering your ruling number.
  2. Discover your personality traits by understanding your numerology number.
  3. Overcome life challenges with insights from your numerology number.
  4. Find an ideal match for yourself using your ruling number.
  5. Determine accurate compatibility with your birth date through your ruling number in numerology.

How to Use Name Numerology Calculator

Here is a tool to evaluate the Chaldean & Pythagorean values of your name.

Enter your DOB (dd-mm-yyyy) and the name spelling that you want to check.

We have made this calculator in a way that you can check up to 3 names in one go.

After entering DOB & name (all the options) click on the ‘Submit Now’ button and you will see the result below.

Your Birth Number will show the values of Birth Number & Destiny Number. And, Name Values (Name 1, Name 2 & Name 3) will show the Chaldean & Pythagorean values of the names being evaluated.

Name Numerology Calculator

Your Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy)

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Name Options (Max 3)


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Birth Number:
Destiny Or Life Path Number:

Name 1 Value-

Chaldean :
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Name 2 Value -

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Pythagorean :

Name 3 Value-

Chaldean :
Pythagorean :


How to read Name Numerology Calculator results?

When you use the Name Numerology calculator you will notice that there can be four instances of matching your name number to your birth number or destiny number:

Case 1: Both the Chaldean & Pythagorean values of Your Name Numbers are friendly to the birth number and/or destiny number. (amazing Compatibility)

Case 2: Both the Chaldean and Pythagorean values of the Your Name Numbers are not friendly to the birth number and/or destiny number. (worst compatibility)

Case 3: The Chaldean value of your Name Number is friendly or neutral but the Pythagorean value of your Name Number is neither friendly nor neutral to your birth number and/or destiny number. (good compatibility)

Case 4: Chaldean does not match but only Pythagorean matches the birth and/or destiny numbers. (low compatibility)

Note: Check these values in the ‘Mutual Relationship of Numbers‘ table

Why Is Your Name Number Important?

It has been observed that People whose names match their Birth or Destiny number or both tend to have a better life and less struggle. Name Number compatibility is focused on giving everyone a chance to analyze their name and take corrective actions like consulting a Numerologist or tweaking their names to match their Birth or Destiny Number to improve their lives.

Baby Name Numerology

Numerical Value of Alphabets (Chaldean & Pythagorean)

Chaldean :  AIJQY = 1, BKR = 2, CGLS = 3, DMT = 4, EHNX = 5, UVW = 6, OZ = 7, FP = 8

Pythagorean AJS = 1, BKT = 2, CGLU = 3, DMV = 4, ENW = 5, FOX = 6, GPY = 7, HQZ = 8, IR = 9

How to calculate Manually (e.g You are Born on 19 Aug 1982)

Birth Number 1 & Destiny Number 3

Let’s say your name is Aryan Verma (your DOB is 19 Aug 1983). When you will evaluate your name using our free online calculator you will find out that your Name Numerology total is 1 for both Chaldean & Pythagorean.

  1. Name Number 1 is same as the Birth Number i.e., 1. Every number is a friend to itself.
  2. Now talking about the relationship with the Destiny Number, Name Number 1 (Aryan Verma) is a very good friend of number 3 (Destiny Number).

Individuals with their Name Number friendly to their Birth Number and Destiny number live an easy life as compare to people whose name number do not match with their Birth Number and Destiny Number. However, not everyone has the same combination of the numbers.

Most of the people with a mismatch in their Name Number and Birth Number/ Destiny Number / Lucky Number /  Wealth Number struggle in their lives.

Even if your Astrology chart (Kundli) does not promise an extraordinary life, you can still try matching your name with your Wealth Number / Birth Number / Destiny Number to get more opportunities in your life.

And, if you want to make the most out of your name then you must ensure that:

  1. Your name totals to lucky or favourable number.
  2. Your name starts with a lucky or favourable letter
  3. Your name should be vibrating at very frequencies i.e., (450+ out of 498.81)

Lucky Number & Favorable Numbers are calculated with the help of Astrology. And name strength is calculated with a sophisticated system that calculates the frequencies on which a name vibrates.

People with a name that vibrates at higher frequencies get better opportunities (provided it totals to their Wealth Number).

After evaluating your name using our Name Numerology Calculator, if you find out that your name doesn’t match your Birth Number and/or Destiny Number and you have been struggling for a long time then it is the right time to consult a Name Vibrations Professional to get a name that totals to your wealth number and vibrates at higher frequencies.

So, invest in your name for a better returns.

About The Consultant

Dinesh Atrish is a celebrity international Name Vibrations Specialist / Astrologer / Vastu consultant / Feng Shui practitioner. 

Trains Stock Market Traders on Financial Astrology & Technical Analysis.

Call us at +91 9990513999 or email at

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