How to trade in Stock Market Profitably?

How to earn money in Stock Market


Course Details


Types of Markets

  1. Different Types of Markets?
  2. Introduction to Forex/Commodity/Stock (market & dynamics)
  3. Understanding Forex market behavior
  4. Market Movers (Banks & Brokers)
  5. Reading a Quote in Forex Market
  6. What is PIP?

Money Management

  1. What is Money Management?
  2. Why Money Management is important?
  3. Key concepts in risk and money management
  4. Exploring the challenges of good money management

Trading Platform & Orders

  1. Introduction of Trading Platform & Setup
  2. MT4/MT5/ Trading View Platform & Tools

Chart & Patterns

  1. Bars, Lines & Candlesticks charts
  2. Introduction to Candlesticks
  3. Understanding Chart & Patterns

Support & Resistance

  1. What is Support & Resistance?
  2. Dynamic/Static Support & Resistance
  3. Mapping key market levels and swing points
  4. Using the 150 and 365 EMA with price action

Fibonacci Levels & Extensions

  1. What is Fibonacci?
  2. Finding Fibonacci Retracement Levels
  3. How to Use Fibonacci Extensions


  1. How to map short term trends
  2. Working with perfect trends
  3. Clearly Defined Entry Points
  4. When to trade and when not to trade

Wave Theory

  1. Introduction to Wave Theory
  2. Types of Waves (Big & Small)
  3. Wave Patterns
  4. Waves with Fibonacci

Advance Candlestick Patterns

  1. Candle Stick Patterns
  2. Event area / break out event areas
  3. The 55% retracements with price entries
  4. 1 hour, 4 hour & daily chart price action entries
  5. False break from support & resistance
  6. Long tailed Candle Bars on 4 hours & Daily charts

Trading Checklist

  1. Trading plans for price action setups 2. How to check Trade Set Ups (Fake Moves) 3. Forex trading Psychology & Emotions of trading 4. Trading Checklist/Quick guide to core strategies 5. Daily Trading Plan

Secretes of the Markets

  1. How to safe guard your money?
  2. Who is your worst enemy in the market?

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