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Place well, Sleep well. Check bed direction.


Now a days, life has become so hectic so fast that we don’t even get full sleep.

What can we do to improve our Health & Productivity? First thing we need to check is our bedroom, if our bed is placed well or not.

Wrongly placed Bed can lead to bad health, which will definitely result in less productivity and constant fatigue.

Few simple things to keep in mind while placing our bed:

1. Bedroom should be in either, South West, South or West direction.
2. Bed should be placed on Southern (for elders) or Eastern (for kids) wall.
3. There should be a solid wall behind our head when we sleep.
4. Bed should not be placed to Toilet wall, it brings bad health.
5. Never sleep with your head towards North (leads to anemia & insomnia)
6. Bottom of the bed should be 6 inches high from the floor.
7. Place a music system in North West or South East and play melodious/romantic music.
8. No water body in the bedroom, it brings bad luck.
9. This is the tough one No TV in the bedroom.


Remember: A well placed bed makes you more productive, cheerful and energetic. So give it a try.

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