How to Use Five Elements in Feng Shui

As per Feng shui, the world is divided into five elements: wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and water. If a house or a room doesn’t feel quite right, then try balancing the 5 elements and see the difference. Each element carries a different trait that creates a customized space that benefits your personality and goals.

Learn how to incorporate the balancing of the elements into your home or office design:

Wood In Feng Shui

Wood: Wood channelizes the power of creativity and expansion while symbolizing the characteristics such as growth, birth, strength, flexibility and intuition.
Too much wood, consumes water element & its traits (moderation cycle) and activates more of Fire & Fire like traits (production cycle), it can also annihilate Earth element completely (destruction cycle).

Excessive wood can bring stubbornness, rigidity and inflexibility, whereas too little wood can show up as less growth, lack of creativity, increased depression and stagnancy.

While incorporating the wood element in office or residential buildings, use shapes that depict the vertical, column-like shape of tree trunks and the softness of leaves and flowers, and green colour.

Consider using the following types of objects in designing:

  • green color
  • fresh and silk flowers
  • plants and trees
  • cotton and other natural fabrics
  • wood furniture

Fire In Feng Shui

Fire: Boost enthusiasm and leadership skills by increasing the intensity of the fire element. When we use fire element in design it invokes expressiveness, inspiration and boldness.

An overabundance of Fire, will consume the element wood & its traits (moderation cycle) and produces more of Earth & Earth like traits (production cycle) can destroy the metal energy of that area completely (destruction cycle).

Excessive presence of Fire can manifest itself as agressions, anger, impulsive and easily irritabile behaviour, whereas dearth of Fire can result in no enthusiasm, low self esteem, lack of activity, emotional apathy and no vision or expressiveness.

To expand the fire element in your space, add:

  • candles, incandescent lights and sunlight
  • any shade of red, pink or red color tones
  • electronic equipment
  • animal prints

Earth In Feng Shui

Earth: Earth symbolizes physical strength, order, and generates an overall feeling of grounding, balance and stability.

An overabundance of earth in a space can consume the fire element & its traits (moderation cycle) , and produce excessive metal & metal like traits (production cycle) can kill the water energy completely (destruction cycle)

More than required presence of Eath can make people experience boredom, sluggishness and seriousness. Whereas a too little earth can make people feel disorganized, chaotic and unfocused.

To bring in the Earth element, add:

  • anything in earth tones (brown, yellow or yellow shades)
  • square and rectangular shapes
  • low, flat surfaces
  • rocks & stones
  • images of landscapes

Metal In Feng Shui

Metal: Metal is responsible for affecting mental clarity and logic. Metal element can show itself in personal characteristics such as organization, focus, righteousness and analytical abilities.

However, too much metal,  can consume earth element & its traits (moderation cycle) and will produce element water & water like traits) (production cycle) can finish the wood energy completely (destruction cycle)

Over abundance of metal can natives talkative, overly critical and outspoken. On the other hand too little metal, may make natives quiet, cautious and without focus.

When enhancing a space with metal, add:

  • round or oval shapes
  • anything made of metals, including iron, aluminum, gold or silver
  • white, gray, silver or light pastel colors

Water In Feng Shui

Water: Water commands spirituality and emotional aspect of the human beings. A perfect balance of water brings about inspiration, wisdom and insightfulness.

 However, excessive precense of water element, can consume metal & metal energy (moderation cycle) and produce wood & wood energy (production cycle) can completely put out the fire element (destruction cycle).

Overwhelming water elements can create an emotional imbalance and a feeling of drowning. It can make you feel excessive emotional and overly social. While a less water element may make us apathetic, lonely, isolated, petty and stressed.

When incorporating the water element, add:

  • the color black or any deep, dark tones
  • reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and gazing balls
  • wavy, free-form or asymmetrical shapes
  • water or water features, such as aquariums and fountains

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