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Name Vibrations

Get a Strong Name

Give yourself a Strong Name and let your name Work for you rather than you working for your Name.


Name Vibrations Services


What are Name Vibrations?

Using our proprietary Name Vibrations system we evaluate a name on various parameters to check the strength of the name. A strong name is one that vibrates at a higher frequency of 450 or above (out of max 497.45) i.e. 90%, and which compliments your Lucky Number or Favourable Number.

Name Vibrations Detailed Analysis

Detailed Analysis

We do in-depth analysis using Astrology and Name Vibrations

love compatibility as per name vibrations

Love Compatibility

Know the Number & Names (letters) that will the most compatible with you.

Lucky Number as per Name Vibrations

Lucky Number

Know your lucky number as per astrology and Name Vibrations

favorable sign or nakshtra

Favorable Signs

People belonging to which sign (Nakshatra) will be the most favourable to you.

favorable directions as per Birth Day

Favorable Directions

Directions & different fortunes associated with them & how to activate different fortunes.

Name Vibratons Strength

Name Strength

Know the strength of your name and how to increase it for personal growth.

Favorable Days as per Birth Day

Important Days

On which day you should start something new on which day you should avoid.

Favorable Planets as per your Birth Chart

Favorable Planets

Which are the most helpful planets for you and how to extract more.

Five Elements inside our house & body

Five Elements

How to use the five elements present inside your house & body for overall benefit.


What People Are Saying

Dinesh has a deep and thorough understanding of how the energy system around us affects us. Incorporating his simple tips has shown a great amount of changes at my house and workplace.


Senior Developer, Cadence Technologies

“We know him for the past 12 years and consulted him several times to our satisfaction all the time. Thanks for the wonderful advice & ood luck. My personal experience says that we should definitely take Vastu advice, ”

Anita Sharma

Entreprenuer , Khana Khazana

I was introduced to him when I was so shaken with my bad health and ultimately everything around me. I was amused to see his excellence in the field of PARA SCIENCE of VASTU and ASTROLOGICAL Calculations.

Anuradha Singh

Video Editor (Assembly), Of 8 Oscars Winning Movie (Slumdog Millionaire)

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