Son’s Marriage Getting Delayed

How To Activate Marriage Luck Of A Boy?

Parents get really worried if their kids don’t get married at the right age.  It’s even more important if the Kid is Girl. It’s kind of a Taboo in India, people look down upon a girl who decides not to Marry.

Let’s discuss how to activate Marriage / Love luck.


Marriage Luck For Boys

First thing first;

Put an image / Painting / Sculpture of a couple in the South West of your house.

South West is the relationship area, keeping an image/painting of a couple’ in SW not only activates the marriage Luck, but it activates the bonding amongst the family members and sets a harmonious environment for the new member.

Now as we have activated the Relationship area of our house it’s time to find out the Love Direction for your Boy using KUA number.


Determine your Chinese year of birth. (There is a catch, so find your chinese year carefully)

Add the last two digits together and reduce it to a single digit number.

Subtract it from 10 to get your personal Kua Number.

Example year of birth 1996.

9 + 6 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6

10 – 6 = 4

So, men born in 1996 will have Kua Number 4 and Love & Family luck direction East.

Now we need to work on East direction to activate the Love Luck, remember one things, it’s imperative that there is love in the marriage rather than just marriage.

And if you hate calculations you can get your KUA number from How to find your Kua (Chinese Numerology) Number

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  1. Arpit Mahajan

    Lucky direction is from home or from work palace?

    • At Denesh Atrish

      Everything related to Lucky Direction is connected with the house. However, if you want to go one step further then you can use the remedy or enhancer in your office to multiply your luck.

  2. Aditya

    Thank you so much, I did it and it really worked for me. Thanks to the team.

    • dineshk

      We are glad it worked for you.


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