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Clock/Wall Clock Vastu – Why to do it!

We all know the innumerable benefits of Vastu, be it placement of main door, bedroom, living room, kitchen or a minute one “setting inside the kitchen” or even a very basic one; “Placement of Clock”

We have clocks in our house/office, however, we do not give any thought where to place them to make them productive for us. Yes, you read it right, a clock hanging on the wall can be productive for us if it is placed as per Vastu Shastra rules and regulations.

Clock/Wall Clock Vastu –  How to do it

As per Vastu Shastra moving things generate energy & activate the direction in which they are placed, so we try to put them in the direction which are intrinsically beneficial for human beings.

As per Wall clock Vastu we should put them in either North (direction of Career & Wealth) or East (direction of Education & Family).


Why in North?

Putting them in North activates the money direction (direction of Lord Kuber & Lord Ganesha), owned by planet Mercury (planet of business), helps in getting more business or career opportunities.

As North is the direction of Career as per Feng Shui.


What kind of Clock in North?

Putting a Metallic clock (Grey/ White) which makes a sweet sound/chime every hour will be an added advantage as per Feng Shui.


Why in East?

East is the direction ruled by Planet Sun (The Karka for “Atma” according to Astrology). Facing East brings in the quality in the Karmas we perform. eg; If we study or work facing East, it improves the quality of our Education or work.

Putting the clock in the East will improve the level of quality in our work.

As per Feng Shui East is the direction of Wood & represents Family.


What kind of Clock in East?

Putting a clock with wooden body in the East gives growth to the family & brings in quality in our work.

Concluding notes : Moreover, whenever we face North or East, we face an auspicious direction as per Vastu, so it’s always better to have a clock in either North or East. Never keep the clock in the South, West or South West as we want these directions to be stable.


Clock/Wall Clock Vastu –  What to avoid


  • No wall clocks on South or Western wall.
  • Clocks should not be hanged above any door.
  • No broken or stopped clocks in the house. Repair or remove immediately.
  • Clocks should never run late, they should show correct time.
  • A clock’s glass should not be broken, in case it gets broken, replace it immediately.
  • Avoid clocks that depict negative energy (such as grief, war, loneliness etc.)


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