Kid’s study : Really Important now


We all want our kids to do well in studies and we do make focused efforts on that, we even try to get them extra coaching so that they grasp well and score better, however, at times even after putting so much efforts out Kids scores do not improve. May be we are not doing something right;

Few Tips which might help:

  1. Ensure your Kid gets proper sleep and they do not sleep under a beam.
  2. Kids do not study facing a blank wall, it reduces their attention span and stops their creativity.
  3. Kids should have a solid wall behind their back when they sit to study.
  4. Science students should face EAST direction & Commerce students should face NORTH.
  5. Kids should not spend too much time with Mobile/Computer/TV as it puts lot of strain on the eyes and mind.
  6. Kids should be encouraged to spend time in playing (physical workout eg: Running, Skipping)
  7. Place a Pagoda Tower or a Globe on the study table of your kid to activate Education Luck.
  8. Don’t force career choice on Kids, consult a good astrologer and ask the kid’s choice. Everybody doesn’t need to be a Doctor or an Engineer a kid might become a Cricketer, an Actor and an Artist and bring good laurels to the country and family.

In case Kid does not perform well even after following the above measures, then do request a site visit by a good Feng Shui/Vaastu consultant.


About The Consultant

Dinesh Atrish is a celebrity international Name Vibrations Specialist / Astrologer / Vastu consultant / Feng Shui practitioner. 

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  1. Priya


    My son has Humanities subjects with information technology.
    Studying facing which direction will help enhance his concentration.

    • dineshk

      Tell him to face East and have a solid wall behind his back while studying. If it’s not possible to face East then try North East.


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