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We all aspire for Wealth, we try everything to acquire ample wealth so that we don’t have to work more at a later stage of our life. However, all of us do not get equally good results and at times we think is there something missing… We might try (yes try) these simple tips to attract Wealth Energy.


  1. Make your entrance look beautiful, decorate it with Lights & Plants.
  2. Declutter your house, cluttered space does not attract energy of Wealth.
  3. Locate your Wealth Area and activate your Money Luck.
  4. Display symbol of wealth like 3 Legged Frog, Sailing Ship coming inside your house to attract Wealth energy.
  5. Water Fountain or image of Flowing Water in North East of your Living Room or your house.
  6. Tie Lucky Gold Coins on the door handle from inside the house.



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