How to Place Your Office Table as per Vastu & Feng Shui?


We all want to know the answer to this question ‘How to Place Your Office Table as per Vastu’.  As even having an office which faces a favourable direction to attract wealth may not give us the best results if our office table or desk is not placed well. So we need to ensure that we place things according to auspicious directions to get the best out of it.

Everything has a place & everything has to be on that place.

Here are a few key principles to keep in mind while placing the furniture and other things in the office:

  1. Office entrance should be North East, East or East.
  2. Sit in the South West or Southern area of the office.
  3. Face an auspicious direction North for money, East for quality or North East for money & power.
  4. No open windows behind your back as this leads to a backstabbing position and instigates office politics. Instead, try having a solid wall behind the back to gain support from the colleagues.
  5. Place an electronic item viz. printer, music system, phone in the South East (Fire Zone) of the office. It is also wealth area as per Feng Shui, so activating this area will help in attracting wealth. We can also keep a Laughing Buddha there to get rid of our enemies.
  6. Fax machine should be placed in North West (helpful people area) as North West represents communication zone.
  7. Heavy Safe or Cupboards should be placed in South West else we will keep facing instability.
  8. Visitor’s sofa in North or East so that they face South or West while talking to you and you face North or East.
  9. We may sit in our lucky location and face lucky direction.

How to Choose Office Direction According To Your Profession?


Though it may sound strange to us, however, it is imperative that we choose the office which favours our profession.

Just check your favourable & unfavourable directions before deciding to buy or rent an office.

  1. East facing office is good for Doctors, Teachers, Coaching Institutes or anything related to Education.
  2. North East is the direction of ‘Ish’ & planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the giver of wealth, power and wisdom. So this direction is good for banks, financial institutions or lending business.
  3. North is the direction of Money (Lord Kubera & Lord Ganesha), if you are a charted accountant or a finance guy face North.
  4. We should avoid taking an office that faces North West as this zone belongs to air, and air doesn’t let anything stay there for long. So, this can be a good choice for traders who don’t want their product to stay in their office for long. As planet Moon also connects to North West direction, a dairy can also be planned here.
  5. West is the direction of Saturn and black colour so anyone who wants to start a Coal business, Tyre business, business-related to Oil etc can opt for a West facing office.
  6.   Avoid a South West facing office at any cost, it won’t let you have any kind of stability in your business or efforts.
  7. South facing office is good for Lawyers, Property Consultants, Boutique or Beauty parlour. South is the direction of the planet Mars, which provides strength and authority.
  8. South East is very good for Hotels, Restaurants, Beauty Parlours and any business that is related to Fire.


Now we know which direction is beneficial for us, we should try getting an office which suits our profession eg a Restaurant owner should try having an office that faces South East.

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