Kubera Mudra – How To Do Steps And Benefits

Kuber Mudra – A wealth attracting and wish-fulfillment mudra is one of the most coveted mudras practiced all over the world by people of all the age for achieving their desired goals and acquiring wealth. However, before that, we hope by now, you know what a hand mudra is and what is the correct way to perform a hand mudra. All the mudras have a different formation of hand gestures, however, the core is the same. If you have missed then please read Simple Hand Mudras To Improve Your Health

Though there are five types of mudras towards the path of awakening which are practiced in Hata Yoga: hand (“hasta”), head (“mana”), postural (“kaya”), lock (“bandha”), and base” or “perineal (“adhara”).

Hand mudras are the easiest, yet very effective, form of mudras which can be practiced by anyone and anytime. Almost all the hand mudras are practiced for better health, however, Kubera Mudra is one significant mudra which helps us in living a life full of abundance and fulfill / manifest our wishes. It is a single-hand mudra (asamyukta hasta) which is used to create abundance, to evoke blessings from the “god of wealth,” and to symbolize the northern direction.

dineshatrish.com Fingers used in Kuber Mudra

Kuber Mudra is associated with our inner desires, and it augments our inclination towards wealth & prosperity.

Astrologically, this mudra uses the energy of three powerful planets (Mars, Jupiter & Saturn) to bring about the desired results.

  1. Thumb, represents planet Mars and element Fire,
  2. The index finger represents planet Jupiter and element Air,
  3. The middle finger represents the planet Saturn and element Space.

It is believed that when the Fire of Mars (fierceness & strength), Air of Jupiter (abundance & optimism) and Space of Saturn (Karma & Hard Work) come together, it activates a particular circuit in our body which helps us in fulfilling our desires and achieving abundance in our life.

We may not have noticed; however, we all practice this mudra without realizing it. Next time you go purchasing a book in a book store or looking for a new outfit for yourself in a mall, then notice the gesture of your hand. We also often practice this mudra when we request someone.

Sometimes, we automatically use this hand gesture to bring some extra emphasis to our thoughts and ideas.

This formation of hand gesture is known as the ‘Three-Fingers Technique’ in The Silva Mind Control Method for Alpha training. It boosts our inner metabolism by giving us confidence and eternal strength.

This method helps in:

  1. Enhancing your retention power while studying or reading
  2. Recalling on demand a speech, a lecture or a lesson
  3. Makes appearing for exams easier, more accurate and less stressful
  4. Improving communication with others
  5. Enhancing creativity, increasing concentration level and focus.

Here is a case study “The Three-Fingers Technique: Does It Reduce Test Anxiety?” on the website of ERIC

(The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is an online digital library of education research and information. ERIC is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the United States Department of Education.)

Let’s get deeper insights into the importance of Kubera Mudra, steps to perform Kubera mudra and the benefits of practicing this mudra.

When & Where Of Kuber Mudra

Traditionally, hand mudras are practiced while seated in a meditation posture; however, we can practice Kuber Mudra in any comfortable position.

Just follow the rules of good posture and deep breathing, and we are good to practice; while walking or standing, sitting, travelling in (bus, train or planes), sleeping or anytime we feel inspired.

Just do a little warming up of the hands before commencing the mudra.

Kuber Mudra can be practiced for as long as we want and as many times as we want.

Step By Step Guide to perform Kuber Mudra:

Wear loose and comfortable clothes and sit in a comfortable position on a yoga mat or a chair.

  1. Avoid sitting in the direct connection with the Earth, as Earth can consume the magnetic energy generated in your body.
  2. Do not practice on a full stomach. Practice an empty stomach or take a 30 minutes break after the meal.
  3. Keep your spine straight, form the mudra with each hand, either rest your hands in our lap or keep them on our knees, with palms facing upwards.
  4. Join the tips of the thumb, index, and middle finger. Curl the ring and little fingers into the palm.
  5. Now focus on what you want to attract more of in your life. This mudra serves as a magnet, helping us manifest our desires.
  6. We can hold this mudra for 15 to 45 minutes, depending upon the time we have.
  7. We can keep our eyes closed or open.
  8. Practice the mudra as it is shown in the video or images or explained in the text.

Kubera Mudra Benefits:

  • It helps in fulfilling our hidden desires and goals.
  • Clears the frontal sinuses and helps to balance the left and right nostrils.
  • It improves a sense of smell, sharpens “inner vision,” and the ability to see your path in life more clearly.
  • It helps create abundance, especially related to virtuous desires that take into consideration the welfare of all beings.
  • We can take the help of this mudra in making our day to day decisions like selecting a book, particular dress or looking for specific information.
  • It helps in intensifying our future plans like buying a car, house, property or finding a life partner.
  • A wish may be self-centred but is fulfilled only if it brings happiness in the surroundings and the society

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