Why Do I need A Lucky Number For My Car?

A car is a very prized personal possession, and a man associates himself strongly with it. So having a lucky car will tend to have a beneficial influence on our entire life. When a car number carries strong auspicious Vibrations and it is compatible with our name number & date of birth (DOB), or is positive for our name or DOB then we can expect good luck from our car.

But if car number does not carry strong Name Vibrations and it is not compatible then don’t expect it to give us favorable result.

How does it feel to have a lucky car number?

  1. A car number, which has strong vibration
  2. A car number, which is compatible with your DOB
  3. A car number, which is compatible with your name

Will help in maintaining the car as it minimizes breakdowns and repair costs due to the mutual compatibility. A Lucky car number brings us positive vibes and influence, it also gives us a good service and unless there are other unlucky factors associated, we will feel secure and safe in it.

How to choose a car number using Name Vibrations?

  1. Your Lucky / Favorable number is ascertained from your Date of Birth (DOB)
  2. Unfavorable numbers are also calculated from your DOB.
  3. Car number is analyzed on the basis of number and it’s Vibrations.
Note: Name Vibrations helps us in planning to choose a car number which will be auspicious for us.

Few Car Numbers With Their Vibrational Strength


1119 3 279.75
1212 6 303.00
6055 7 378.44
4010 5 250.63
0165 3 330.00
6401 2 400.06
1001 2 250.25
1405 1 351.25
5216 5 326.00
0453 3 453.00
3450 3 431.25
0693 9 346.50
3690 9 461.25
6833 2 427.06
2359 1 294.88
7123 4 445.19
1195 7 298.75
7411 4 463.19
0101 2 404.00
2340 9 292.50
1111 4 277.75
2222 8 277.75
3333 3 416.63
4444 7 277.75
5555 2 347.19
6666 6 416.63
7777 1 486.06

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Trains Stock Market Traders on Financial Astrology & Technical Analysis.

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