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Improve Money Luck

North is the direction of Money


  1. Keep the North East & North area of your house clean.
  2. Ensure there is no clutter, toilet, store in the North East & North area of your House/Apartment/Building
  3. Keep a Water feature like Borwell, Underground Water Tank, Small Water Fountain, Water for Birds, or an Aquarium in North Or North East of your House/Apartment.
  4. Keep money in the South West / South to have abundance of it.
  5. Keep the South West of your House / Apartment heavy (eg: Keep Cupboards there)
  6. Keep a Golden three legged frog with a coin in it’s mouth. Keep it coming inside the house on atleast at 6 inches height. Wash that frog every 10-12 days with salt water.
  7. Keep a Sailing ship, which should be coming inside the house.

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