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Place office furniture to channelize energy positively


Not necessary that getting an office which faces a good direction will give you a good result. We need to ensure that we place things according to auspicious directions to get the best out of it.

Everything has a place & everything has to be on that place.

Here are few tenets to keep in mind while placing the things in the office:

  1. Office entrance should be North East.
  2. Sit in the South West or Southern area of the office.
  3. Face an auspicious direction North (direction of money), East or North East
  4. No open windows behind your back, instead a solid wall behind the back.
  5. Place an electronic item in the South East (Fire Zone) of the office.
  6. Fax machine should be placed in North West (helpful people area)
  7. Heavy Safe or Cupboards should be placed in South West.
  8. Visitor’s sofa in North or East.
  9. We may sit in our lucky location and face lucky direction.


Next we will share how to choose office direction according to your profession.

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