Step By Step Guide To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Feng Shui for Bedroom

Whether we believe it or not, just like gravity, feng shui influences exist in natural and human-made environments, and they affect us in many ways.

Feng shui is not just about how a bedroom looks or what are the accessories in it, feng shui is all about how we connect with our bedroom.

The bedroom is a place of rest, rejuvenation and romance —and should be avoided for all other purposes. Since we spend the most time in our bedroom, we should try to maximize its feng shui potential.

In the passive (sleeping) state in our bedroom, we get affected by all the energies in our bedroom. So the perfect Feng Shui in the bedroom will benefit us the most as compare to other rooms.

Here are few Feng Shui tenets which can help us in achieving good Yin & Yang balance and almost the perfect Feng Shui.

Feng Shui for Bedroom 

Go For A Wood Headboard Or Bed Frame

The headboard and bed frame can play a pivotal role in optimizing the Feng Shui of our bedroom. We should always go for things which are closer to nature so “a solid wood headboard and frame,” would be better than a metallic bed.

Wood is non-conductive, so materials made of wood can help in reducing the radio frequency signals from wireless appliances viz. cell phone, television and laptop/computer from penetrating our personal energy field and harming us. Whereas “metal frames and metal box springs” can amplify and distort the earth’s natural magnetic field.

Place Your Bed For Good Feng Shui

  • A bed placed in the “command position” is a quick way to promote harmony and relaxation in our bedroom. This position allows us a clear view of the doorway while not being in direct alignment with it.
  • When beds are aligned directly to the doorway, it disrupts our sleep as energy can cut through the bed when it is aligned this way.
  • Never place the bed on the same wall as your door as it gives a sense of uncertainty as sometimes our back gets exposed to the door.
  • A bed placed against a solid wall, provides a feeling of support and protection psychologically, whereas a bed set against a window leads to insecurity and backstabbing.
  • The bed should have space available on the other three sides of the bed (left, right, and foot) so both the partner (and future partner) have a sense of equality and their own space.
  • Never place the bed against a wall that has a toilet on the other side. It leads to bad health.

Get A Headboard

A headboard is like additional support, which gives us stability in our lives and especially in our romantic relationships. Just ensure that the headboard is fastened securely to the bed.

Always opt for solid headboards without holes or piercing and don’t go for the headboard of bars to avoid a feeling of a prison.

Don’t Position Bed Under Heavy Objects Or Sharp Angles (Beam)

To ensure a good night’s sleep, avoid beams, a skylight, an angled or slanted ceiling design above the bed. Sharp-edged objects produce Sha (fast-moving) Chi (which drains a person’s energy) and it can affect sleep adversely. If we can’t hide the beams or sharp angles, just make sure that occupied furniture is away from them.

Promote things in couples

We should always opt for pairs while choosing bedroom furniture as things promoted in couples harmonize the bedroom environment.

Two pillows, two side tables, two similar nightstands (one on each side of the bed) is recommended for good Feng Shui.

Even if you are not in a relationship, things promoted in doubles helps create harmony for you and your relationship, so a pair of mandarin ducks or a double happiness symbol is always recommended in the bedroom.

Incorporate Feng Shui-Friendly Colors

The Feng Shui best practice suggests all the rooms should choose interior color schemes according to the Bagua, the energy map of the home. However, the color combination inside our bedrooms is dependent mostly on our desires, we usually get attracted to the color (element) which is missing from our lives, this is nature’s way of balancing our personal Chi.

So if we need more passion in our bedroom we can use a tinge of red. To attract partnerships pinks & peaches are always advisable. Cool colors like blue are always good to reduce some aggression and blood pressure. Greens improve healing & vitality. Earthy and neutral colors provide more support and relaxation.

As a rule of thumb, we should avoid cold colors like Blue or Black in the Bedroom as they work adversely on libido, bonding, and pleasure-seeking drives. Always opt for warm colors like Red, Pink, and Orange. Pink is the best.

Earth and skin tones (ivory, peach, coral, and chocolate) are also good as they are soothing, tranquil colors such as soft blues and pale greens.

Don’t Allow Clutter

Clutter brings in Si Chi (decaying Chi) to the bedroom, though we need slow-moving Chi in Bedroom, however, we don’t want lifeless and dying Chi to take charge of our bedroom. To let good Chi circulate inside your bedroom do away with the unwanted items from your bedroom.

We should also pay extra attention to what we have stored under our bed. Whatever lies under our bed may not affect us consciously as we are in a passive “yin” state during our sleep, however, it can create subconscious blocks in our life.

Apart from keeping our bedroom neat and tidy, we should be selective about the things which we bring into the room, as decorative items.

Storing objects from your past or present which carry painful memories or emotions could negatively influence your aura (energy field) and thinking at a subconscious level.

Shoes inside the bedroom may give us the feeling that we are on a constant move rather than resting, similarly, luggage would never give us the feeling of being at home instead it would make us feel more like a traveller.

Feng Shui recommends keeping no storage under the bed so that Chi can flow freely all around to rejuvenate us while we are sleeping. If at all it is must have the storage under the bed, then we must stick to soft, sleep-related items like linens, blankets, and pillows.

Move the Books Out

Books are active energy which stimulates our minds and we all love to read books, but if we start experiencing trouble while sleeping, then we should move books to some other place. We may keep the book we are currently reading on our nightstand, however, we shouldn’t keep books stacked in our bedroom.

Detoxify Your Bedroom

There are two ways to detox a bedroom.

First, start using green and non-toxic cleaning products instead of products with toxins and chemicals in the bedroom. Upgrading to organic furniture, linens, and sleepwear is always better than using the items that release gas and leach toxins into our bodies via respiration and touch. Second, declutter bedroom regularly.

Reduce EMFs In The Bedroom

We are all busy living this modern life surrounded by electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) created by electronic devices, which can harm or influence our well-being.

Our sleep and circadian rhythms can easily get disrupted with the presence of electronic devices viz. TV, cell phone, computers and Wi-Fi in our Bedroom. So to get sound sleep to avoid these electronic devices in the bedroom, even go a step further and switch off your Wi-Fi at night.  

Don’t Hang A Mirror

We should avoid a mirror in the bedroom as per Feng Shui. Actually, mirrors are considered to be an activation cure, which promotes Yang energy (movement) and we want to cultivate more of Yin (restfulness) energy in the Bedroom

In case we have to place a mirror in the bed, then it’s should not face our bed directly. A mirror may face an outside window to augment the natural light in the bedroom.

Be Selective About Your Art

We get affected by everything inside our bedroom including the artworks. We should use artwork which depicts or comes in pairs to promote togetherness and bonding. Those who are single and looking to get into a partnership should avoid images of single people or objects.

Place the artwork at the eye level or higher to lift your personal Chi, it helps in removing depression.

Avoid Water Feature In Bedroom

No Water feature whether tangibly (a fountain or a fish tank) or figuratively (water-centric artwork and photos) are allowed in the bedroom. Keeping water features in the bedroom is a major feng shui taboo.

Though water represents financial success in the Feng Shui, it has no place in the bedroom as water extinguishes the fire, the element can be bad news for the libido and, ultimately, passion.  

No Plants In Bedroom

Plants produce too much Yang energy which may not be conducive for a bedroom. Moreover, almost all the plants emit carbon dioxide at night so it will reduce the oxygen level inside the Bedroom which is not good in the longer run.

And element-wise Wood consumes Earth so we should use plants very carefully in the Bedroom or in the South West area.

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  1. Julieta


    Thanks for the great article. I just moved into a house and the bedroom’s commanding position leaves the bed’s headboard on a northeast wall. Additionally, there are transversal beams in the ceiling. Any suggestions?

    • At Denesh Atrish

      Hi Julieta,

      I would recommend that start using the bedroom and keep an eye on the things happening around you. If everything goes well then you may not have to do anything.

  2. Pooja Kashyap

    Is it OK if bedroom door opens inwards and towards the side of the bed as that’s the only way headboard can be facing East. If not can headboard be under the closed window in the south direction.
    Which one would you recommend
    1. East facing solid wall – but door opens inwards and faces side of the bed
    2. South-South W facing wall – but windows on the wall
    3. West facing solid wall

    • At Denesh Atrish

      Hi Pooja,

      Can you send a diagram of your bedroom to our email


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