The Yin Yang Theory in Feng Shui


The Yin-Yang theory

One of the most fundamental theories of Feng Shui is – The Yin-Yang theory, in fact, many of the ancient Chinese schools of thoughts like the ancient martial arts- Tai-Chi, traditional Chinese medicine, the I-Ching- (the book of changes) and the entire Taoism cosmology are all based on the concept of Yin and Yang.

As per Yin Yang theory, everything in this Universe comprises of two opposing, but deeply interlinked forces—the Yin (feminine) and the Yang (masculine). They are so innately interconnected that they cannot be separated, as in their seeming opposition, they reciprocate each other. They support and nourish each other, and this interdependence of Yin & Yang creates the essence of life around us.

Yin Yang Symbol – Tai Chi Symbol

Harmonious Energy

This inseparable, harmonious and interpenetrating relationship of Yin Yang forces is reflected in the form of the Tai Chi symbol. If we express them in feng shui colours, the Yin (feminine energy) is black, and the Yang (masculine energy) is white.

If we talk about energy, Yin is relaxed, passive, soft, diffused, slow, moist and silent. Think of the rhythms and the essence of feminine energy—the softness of the water, the mystery of the Moon, and the deep silence of the night.

In contrast, the Yang force is expressed as the energy opposite to Yin.

Yang is scorching & fiery directness of the Sun, the confronting speed of racing cars, the hard surface of a mountain, and the focused energy of a laser beam. 

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Physiological functions




Yang is the fire & heat of the mid-day sun, and Yin is the stillness and mystery of the night. We need a balanced feng shui energy at our homes to support our well-being, so it’s imperative we know the application of the Yin-Yang theory on a practical, simple level.

  • The feng shui energy of relaxation Yin(passive energy) is required in our bedroom and our spa bathroom. Yin energy is in the soft music, in the gently flowing water (e.g. water fountain), in the calm colours around you, or the relaxing images of water.
  • The feng shui energy of action Yang(active energy) is expressed in bright lights, energetic, vibrant sounds and colours, fiercely motivating energy, tall plants, etc. We always need the adequate presence of Yang energy in our home office (else it gets very passive), our kitchen, our front door, as well as dinner party arranged at home.


Create Balance

These deeply interconnected energies of Yin-Yang do not exist in isolation; they define each other, as one is the condition for the other’s existence. A well-designed feng shui home will always reflect the harmonious balance of both active and passive energies.

Today, if we are asked about our state of being, almost every one of us will admit the imbalance of feng shui energies in our daily life. We live a more active and continuously busy life surfeit with Yang energy, and we often lack a relaxing and nourishing Yin energy.

It’s important to create homes that reflect the rhythms of both Yin-Yang energy, so we should regularly spend some time and spot the areas where we can sense the strong imbalance of energies at our home.

Is our home office too much Yin that we don’t feel like sitting there?
Is our bedroom excessively Yang that we don’t get sound sleep? Does our kitchen have too much Yin and not enough, Yang?

Depending on the use of space one energy (either Yin or Yang) will always be dominant, but we need to have both active and passive feng shui energies to have good feng shui in our home.


Use in Specific Areas

To be continuously surrounded by the energy which can sustain a healthy and fulfilling life, we always need a harmonious balance of both Yin and Yang feng shui forces. So some of the areas will be more Yang (e.g. gym, home office and kitchen) and some of the places will be more Yin (viz. Bedroom, meditation room, study etc.)

We need to shut down all the noise, aggression and extrovert activities and we need the relaxing Yin energy inside our bedroom to recuperate, so it is essential to let go of all the prominent Yang feng shui elements in the bedroom, such as the TV, the exercise equipment, or any office items. Though we need more of Yin energy in our bedroom (relaxation, cocooning, sensuality, sleep), we also need a little bit of Yang (red candles, arousing images, etc.). The same principle applies to our Bathroom.

A strong presence of Yang energy always benefits our home office, drawing/living room, gym, family room and kitchen. We should opt for vibrant colours, stimulating music, and different feng shui decor items to produce chi full of vitality (happy family photos, bright books, fun games, etc.). Even though these are predominantly Yang energy feng shui spaces, we need a presence of Yin or relaxing elements for balance. We can use deep colours, relaxed and comfortable seating, as well as some images with soothing Yin energy.

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