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Lord Ganesha’s Symbolism

Lord Ganesha is “Pratham Pujniya” i.e first to be worshiped before starting any auspicious work. He is also known as “Vighanharta – the remover of obstacles in our life”.

As Lord Ganesha protects and empowers, much of his symbolism is related to safeguarding us from life’s physical and subtle obstacles.

This picture mentioned above explains that most beloved God of Hindus has so much reverence and substance to its figure.

Big Head (Think Big)

Lord Ganesha’s Big Elephant head symbolizes his intelligence and thinking ability, which suggests us to think big.

Think big means create pure and positive thoughts and move ahead in our life. When we create positive thought, the first thing we get is positive chemical reaction in our body, which leads to happiness. Then we can bring these thoughts into action and can create a conducive world around us.

Small eyes (Concentrate)

Small eyes are for concentrating and one-pointed focus. The concentration here means, from every situation which occurs around us, we only absorb positive learning. Positive learning keeps our mind free from unwanted stress, tension, and anxiety. When we stay calm then only we can take right decision in any circumstances, so it is important that we remain focused and constructive.

Large ears (Listen more)

Shows that he listens to those who ask for help from him. So we should also listen to others as a detached observer and take information from outside world as a raw material, then respond using our intellect to create favorable outcomes. Listening to others also develop our patience, which helps in taking sound decisions.

Axe (To cut off all bond of attachment)

Cut the rope of appreciation you wants from others to make you feel happy. You are attached to your objects and the appreciation which you get from the other person, cut all these attachment and be a detached observer.

Rope (To pull you nearer to the highest goal)

Our highest goal is our spiritual liberation and Lord Ganesha guides us how to do it.  To reach the highest goal, first we need to take small steps or set small goals. Achieving these small goals adds to our confidence, and by climbing that rope of confidence we need to strive to reach our highest goal, i.e. our Spiritual Liberation.

Small mouth (Talk less)

People who talk less are always respected. Moreover, when we talk less, we are aware what is going in our mind, what to speak and what to not. Speak less but words should be chosen so wisely that they are immensely powerful and meaningful which can make a positive impact and constructive outcome. What is good for the humanity should be talked and always given priority.

Trunk (High efficiency and adaptability)

Flexible & useful, it denotes the kind of strength we should have. In the hostile situations, by using our adaptability and efficiency, we can convert adverse circumstances into opportunities. Trunk can handle things softly and also to protect himself it can be used as a punching and thrusting weapon. That is how he guides us, how to remove obstacles from our path, swiftly & adeptly.


The mouse is a shamanic symbol of wisdom, scrutiny, discovery and organization. Lord Ganesha uses the mouse as his vehicle, means, on riding these qualities you can have everything you want.

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