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Three Lucks


People often ask this question, “How does Feng Shui affect us?”

I have been practicing it for the past 14 years and have already proved this myriad of times. Feng Shui says that humans have 3 lucks.

  1. Heaven’s Luck: Where we born shows the luck from the heavens, we can’t control it.
  2. Man’s Luck: What we make with our own efforts is our own destiny, that’s Man’s Luck.
  3. Earth’s Luck: Earth Luck is the energy of our dwelling area.

If we are alive then we are affected by these 3 Lucks. They have equal share 1/3rd or 33% in shaping our life.

Heaven’s luck can’t be altered

However, we can control Man’s Luck & Earth’s Luck, so we still have command over 2/3rd of our life. That’s very optimistic.

By our own efforts we can improve Man’s luck and using Feng Shui we can improve our Earth’s luck.

If you have been putting lots of efforts but still struggling, check the Feng Shui of your house and improve the Earth’s Luck to create harmonious energy and stabilize your life.


About The Author


Dinesh Atrish is a celebrity International Astrologer/Numerologist/Vaastu consultant/Feng Shui practitioner, with a technical bent of mind (an MCA), and is trainer in Stock/Commodity market Astrology.

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