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Choose Wisely

Career has become synonymous with Money, either people want fame or money in their career, but bottom line is this even if you get famous you will be demanding more money.

So inadvertently fame is related to money. Here are few tips which we can use to be more successful i.e. earning more money 😉

First thing we need to do is activate the money luck, you can find tips to activate the money luck here.

Now let’s focus on career.

Frist thing first, make a decision, “Choose a career” we have a very strong tool “Choice” use it wisely. Just don’t do what your friends say or what they are doing. Analyze the situation, listen to your heart and discuss with your family, coz ultimately your family will stand with you not your friends.

Once you have zeroed down on it we can work on the career part.

North is the direction which represents career.

Tips to enhance your career:

  1. Declutter North, North East (brings opportunities) & East area of your house.
  2. Hang a Six rods metallic Wind Chime in North.
  3. Keep a water feature in the North (That water feature should not be very heavy)
  4. Keep a music system, TV, Radio or even a phone in the North West can help you in getting some support from your friends or relatives or even colleagues. North West is helpful people area. So you need support from people to rise or establish in your career.
  5. Try to stay in the West, South West or Southern area of your house to attain some stability.
  6. Now how to get more fame visit our Fame section.

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