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Getting Pregnant - Feng Shui Fertility Tips


Lately we have been seeing IVF centers burgeoning across the country. Which means number of childless couples is increasing at an alarming rate. In their effort to get a child they try everything from visiting a Gynecologist, IVF center, Ayurveda Center etc

We suggest them trying Vastu/Feng Shui fertility tips to help get pregnant, these tips can be helpful in removing the energy blockages at your home and balance the energy in your bedroom.


Clear Entrance

Entry of the house should not have any obstruction viz. Poles, Trees etc, to facilitate the free flow of Chi/ energy from the main door. At times a car parked in front of the door can block the health energy from entering the house and lead to infertility.


North East Area

North East belongs to Jupiter (Karka for children & fertility in Astrology), if couple is childless for a long time then this area certainly needs attention.

  1. Ensure that North East is uncluttered and well lit.
  2. Avoid heavy object in North East like Cupboards, Big Trunks, Beds
  3. No Toilet in North East.
  4. Avoid staircase in North East as it can cause big trouble.
  5. No store in North East, if it is there light a Yellow bulb there and keep it lit.


Bedroom Placement

  1. Couples bed should be placed in the Nien Yin (Love Luck) direction of the husband.
  2. Bed should not be placed under a beam & no clutter under the bed.
  3. Couple’s bedroom should not have sharp edged objects and bedroom should not be at the end of a long passage.


Activate Children’s Area

West is the children area, hang a crystal in the children’s area (west direction). Children's area can be activated by placing a Laughing Buddha with Children


Health Tips

Health plays a vital role in conception, healthy couples tend to get healthy children. Couples should try Yoga & Pranayam to remove the deficiencies (if any) in the body and improve chances of fertility & conception.


Healthy Relations

Better the bonding between the couple, more the chances of conceiving easily.

  1. Keep the SW of the couple’s bedroom uncluttered to avoid any negative energy.
  2. Put picture of the couple in South West of couple’s bedroom to enhance bonding.
  3. Put a double happiness symbol in the South West of the property to improve togetherness and belongingness in the family, so that everybody prays for the good for couple


More Tips

  1. Sowing some fruit trees improves the chances of bearing a child as they symbolize fertility.
  2. Place a pair of elephant with the trunk down, at the foot of the bedroom door facing inside the room.
  3. Let little kids roam/play inside your bedroom, thereby activating the energy required to bear a child.


Astrology Guidance

  1. 5th house (house of children) in the couple's horoscope should be analyzed, it should not be afflicted by any malefic aspect.
  2. 7th house (house of spouse) should also be analyzed, it should not be under any malefic influence.
  3. May be this is not the time to get a kid as per couple's horoscope, this should also be kept in mind, and wait for the opportune time else it may create an unnecessary pressure.

Note: Get your horoscope analyzed by a competent Astrologer to see if there are any afflictions and ask for cures.


About the author

Dinesh Atrish is a celebrity International Astrologer/Numerologist/Vaastu consultant/Feng Shui practitioner, with a technical bent of mind (an MCA) and a trainer in Stock/Commodity Market.

You can fix an appointment or can get solutions via Email or over the Phone. Our contact number is 7042523259 and email id is


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